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Islands' Oil Spill Association
A non-profit, community-based, community-supported oil spill response organization, the only spill response group in the San Juan Islands, Washington State

IOSA's mission is to provide San Juan County with prompt, effective, local spill response and prevention, which includes spill assessment, oil containment, exclusion & removal
oiled wildlife search & rescue



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Immediately useful info

Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)   Top of page
MSDS's provide important information regarding hazards of specific oils/chemicals, exposure limits, handling and storage, first aid and other pertinent information. It is helpful to know the specific ID number of a given spilled substance but even a broad search like "gasoline" or "bunker" can provide helpful info.

Government agencies   Top of page

Wildlife related info     Top of page

Spill related organizations     Top of page

Spill response equipment and service suppliers     Top of page

Downloadable information     Top of page

History of spill responses

Very informative site with detailed response information related to situations, strategies, problem solving, and so on.  

Education/ Training     Top of page

Local links of interest     Top of page

Buoy Information     Top of page

Other links     Top of page

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