2002 Spill Report

1/10 & 1/11/02 Beaverton Cove, sinking vessel- tow and contain vessel, remove fuel from tanks
1/28 thru 1/30/02 Blind Bay, vessel sunk- contain area above vessel where fuel is, recover fuel from shore and water, pump tank to remove future spill potential
2/8/02 Leaking oil drums in Friday Harbor- assess, some cleanup, responsible party follow-up
2/11/02 Rosario Resort fire, hazardous materials runoff- on-site assess for recoverable materials, advise responsible party on runoff barriers/filters above stream
2/16/02 Unrecoverable sheen at Cannery Landing- assess, monitor for responsible party
2/27/02 Unrecoverable sheen at cannery landing – follow-up with suspected responsible party
3/14/02 Shoal Bay vessel sinking- contain vessel
3/27/02 Unrecoverable sheen at Cannery Landing – assess/check suspected vessel
4/12/02 Unmarked drum report, Deer Harbor, Orcas Island- assess for leaking, identify, return to responsible party
4/21/02 Brandts Marina sheen- assessed for ongoing source, no source present
5/10/02 North Lopez Island diesel sheen- assess, unrecoverable, no ongoing source found
5/13/02 Sheen at Cannery Landing- assess, unrecoverable, work on preventing more releases
5/27/02 Russell’s landing tank farm spill- on standby for exclusion booming – negligible amount of fuel escaped from secondary containment
6/30 thru 7/1/02 Long Island vessel sinking/grounding- contain vessel, monitor overnight to next morning, standby for recovery of oil in boom
7/1/02 Diesel fuel in Reid Harbor, Stuart Island, late at night- investigation pointed to one-time source from Bayliner at mouth of bay earlier in day, none recoverable
7/3 thru 7/5/02 Vessel “Malibu” grounding south of Yellow Island- contain vessel, recover fuel from engine compartment, standby with skimmer, drums, pump truck for potential recovery of 2500 gallons. tend boom, recover small releases inside boom
7/17/02 Cannery Landing sheen- assess, follow-up with witness report
7/25/02 Decatur residents report past spill from fishing boat- investigate
7/27/02 More reports from Decatur Island residents and pilots- talk to owner about prevention of future problems
7/27/02 More reports, and situation was remedied
8/18 thru 8/20/02 Tar patties onshore at Spencer Spit State Park, McCardle and Watmough Bays-IOSA responders recovered tar patties, washed and cared for oiled sandpiper
8/22 thru 8/24/02 Tar onshore at Eastbound- recover tar and store for later disposal
8/23/02 Westsound plane crash into water, aviation fuel released- no recovery
8/23/02 Tar onshore at Yellow Island and McCardle bay- recover tar
8/24/02 Tar onshore at American Camp National Park- recover tar
8/25 thru 8/27/02 Vessel sank after being blown onto rocks at Iceberg Point, Lopez Island; IOSA responders collected fuel, hazardous materials & debris near shore
8/28/02 Tar balls at Richardson Cove- remove tar from beach
8/30/02 Tar balls at Double Cove, Orcas Island- recover from beach
9/10/02 Vessel underway, Blakely to Friday Harbor, reported by USCG- call port, will meet boat at dock and provide supplies to cleanup source
9/13/02 Tar balls onshore near Obstruction Pass- recover
10/18/02 More tar balls found near Obstruction Pass, Orcas and Flat Point, Lopez
11/7/02 Fishing vessel grounded on Clements Reef- locate salvage vessel to assist, standby, crack to hull but no fuel leaking
11/13/02 Sheen at port of Friday Harbor- unrecoverable, looking for source
11/14 thru 11/15/02 Diesel spilling from vessel at port of Friday Harbor, sheen reported by USCG- set sweep across suspected slip, found source, recovered diesel on water, pumped diesel from bilge and damaged tank.
11/14 thru 11/15/02 North Orcas, vessel grounded, breaking up- pump tank & remove hazardous materials
11/20/02 Vessel sunk in deep water near Patos Is. – unrecoverable gas released
12/5/02 Fisherman’s Bay, Lopez Island, sinking boat- make arrangements for boat to be pumped before total submersion, follow-up with responsible party to prevent future sinking & to remove hazardous. materials