2003 Spill Report

1/14/03 Vessel sinking, Lopez Island – vessel stabilized, IOSA checked for & removed hazmats
1/18/03 USCG called for assessment of floatplane crash in water off Orcas Island; plane in deep water, location not known, no spill seen
4/3/03 32′ vessel partly submerged in Fish Creek, south end of San Juan Island; sheen from vents – IOSA responders assessed, offered assistance & sorbents to neighbors, who pulled vessel up
4/21/03 IOSA boom used to contain leaking vessel at Port of Friday Harbor
5/7/03 Tarballs reported at Entrance Bay, north of Andrews Bay, west side of San Juan Island
5/14/05 Arrangements made with Vessel Assist to pump vessel referred to above on 4/21
5/17/03 Vessel sank near Friday Harbor; IOSA assessed site, found vessel is same one that previously sank in 2002 – IOSA had removed hazmats & fuel during prior incident, unrecoverable sheen only this time
5/24/03 Call from DEM – 100 yd x 1 mile sheen SW of Iceberg Point, south end of Lopez, reported by Navy – ongoing assessment provided via info from pilots in area (phone link through Friday Harbor Airport Unicom radio operator) – sheen dissipated 2 miles offshore, source unknown
6/2 thru 6/5/03 House being moved to Fisherman Bay on Lopez fell off barge in intertidal area; IOSA asked to deploy containment boom around wreckage
6/8/03 Assess orange substance on shore at Aleck Bay, Lopez – sample taken, found to be algae
6/12/03 Report of sheen off west side of Orcas Landing; when checked, sheen had drifted west & dissipated
6/21/03 Report from someone w/pager about a spill off Posie Island, north end of San Juan; checked with Roche Harbor & nearby residents listed on IOSA’s access & viewpoint maps, sheen no longer visible
6/22/03 USCG called re: sheen at Westsound, Orcas Island; IOSA responder checked, found nothing. Later found out it was from Cayou Quay at Deer Harbor, took sample & tested with pad
7/12/03 Report of sheen from sailboat at Shallow Bay; IOSA talked with people on-site, who had enough sorbent pads – owner eventually plugged vents
7/13/03 Report re: possible oil at Rosario Marina; talked with on-site personnel, was algae bloom
8/4/03 Island Petroleum called to report unrecoverable sheen at dock on Orcas; IOSA responder checked by boat from Yellow Island to Deer Harbor, saw nothing. USCG later reported it was from fuel transfer at Deer Harbor, picked up by marina staff
8/21/03 Deer Harbor Marina reported sheen; IOSA responder checked, turned out to be from fuel transfer on a vessel, none recoverable at this point
9/19/03 Report of sheen at Bayhead Marina, Orcas Island; IOSA responder checked, saw none
9/28/03 Page for ultralite in Rocky Bay, west side of San Juan; pulled out later with no spill
9/30 thru 10/6/03 Shed slowly sinking in Friday Harbor; IOSA removed hazmats, no spill
10/12/03 35′ sailboat sinking at Port of Friday Harbor; IOSA talked with on-scene Port personnel, Fire & Sheriff Depts; Port put out sorbents, no significant release
10/29/03 36′ cabin cruiser sunk near Islander Dock on Lopez; IOSA responder assessed, found owner, no fuel onboard
11/19/03 Call from USCG re: sinking vessel near Friday Harbor; IOSA deployed boom around vessel, removed accessible hazmats, called Vessel Assist for salvage & tried to contact owner. Vents were eventually plugged, vessel raised & small amount of fuel pumped from tanks
12/18 thru 12/22/03 30′ wooden sailboat blown onto rocky private beach at Deer Harbor, Orcas; IOSA deployed boom, removed accessible hazmats & oily debris, called Sound Diving for salvage, tanks pumped
12/24 thru 12/27/03 51′ fiberglass yacht sinking in slip at Rosario Marina with 100-200 gallons of diesel in tanks; IOSA deployed boom around vessel, cleaned up 40-50 gallons of diesel along 200′ of shoreline in marina & 50-70 gallons inside the boom. Owner called Vessel Assist for salvage, IOSA monitored for further fuel release & boom adjustment until vessel was raised & removed
12/31/03 Bunker fuel spill near Richmond Beach; IOSA asked by Washington Dept. of Fish & Wildlife to provide search & rescue teams.