2004 Spill Report

2/6/04 Sheen flowing from vessel into Beaverton Cove, Port of Friday Harbor assessed on-site, unrecoverable
3/16/04 Fire truck fuel spill into parking area in Eastsound, some fuel in storm drain – Fire district used sorbents at parking area, unrecoverable sheen on water
3/26/04 Unregistered vessel grounded onshore, damaged rudder; IOSA worked out salvage and fuel removal plan with USCG & Vessel Assist, owner returned in evening and took responsibility for vessel salvage
5-27 thru 6/4/04 Seiner vessel “Panther” sunk in Beaverton Cove; boom deployed, 5 gallon bucket of soft tar on bottom & misc. floating containers of petroleum-based materials removed, 80 gallons of hydraulic oil cleaned up at water’s surface, remaining 80 gallons of hydraulic pumped from vessel, then vessel raised & hauled out
6/6/04 Skiff sank w/gas can, Orcas, unrecoverable sheen was found
6/16/04 Sheen reported in Fisherman’s Bay; assessed on-site, unrecoverable sheen was found
6/23/04 Nordic tug grounded near Brown Island; Vessel Assist shut off fuel valve, rainbow sheen, unrecoverable
6/25 thru 7/2/04 Seiner vessel “Andrew Z” sunk in 60′ water between Brown Island & San Juan Island, hydraulic oil & diesel on water; boom deployed, fuel & oil cleaned up from water’s surface, approximately 350# oiled sorbents were disposed of
7/17/04 Vessel aground on Matia Island; State Parks assessed on-site, fuel valve was closed, unrecoverable sheen on water
7/22/04 Vessel anchored on submerged seiner “Andrew Z”, stirred up site; site checked for sheen, debris or recoverable oil, only unrecoverable sheen found
8/12/04 Mystery sheen 15′ offshore at American Camp; assessment determined sheen not caused by petroleum or hazardous material
8/13/04 Report of drum floating in Wasp Passage; drum had moved on by time of report
8/14/04 Report of life jackets & boat pillow floating in Reid Harbor, Stuart Island, maybe some oil, possible sunken boat; assessed on-scene, no boat, no spill present
8/16/04 Fuel spill at Rosario Marina, sheen assessed & found to be unrecoverable
8/16/04 Fuel spill at Shipyard Cove boat launch; owner cleaned up fuel
10/4 thru 10/7/04 Landing craft Rhino I capsized, laying submerged on port side near Hunter Bay dock, Lopez; boom deployed, divers assessed, pumped 150 gallons diesel fuel & 15 gallons hydraulic oil from vessel, small amounts of recoverable fuel on water were cleaned up
10/14 thru 10/18/04 Dalco Passage (Vashon Island) spill; IOSA teams worked on wildlife search & rescue operations
11/4/04 Report of possible spill at Blind Bay, Shaw Island; assessed, determined to not be oil
11/5/04 Bilge oil in Deer Harbor moving into lagoon; assessed on-site through afternoon, no recoverable fuel was found
11/14/04 White fluid spilling from Friday Harbor storm drain into bay; on-water assessment determined it was an unrecoverable non-petroleum substance; Town of FH investigated storm drains for source of material (probably paint)
12/1/04 Sheen near Port of Friday Harbor reported by WSF; assessed on-site, sheen had dissipated
12/1/04 Report of brown soot-like substance in water near Cattle Pass; responders on IOSA barge assessed & found streamers of soot/ash covering a wide area
12/11/04 Sheen reported from sunken “Andrew Z” in Friday Harbor, assessed, unrecoverable
12/24 & 12/25/04 WSF Sealth hit Reid Rock, returned to Friday Harbor dock with damaged hull & diesel fuel leaking into bilge; IOSA deployed boom around ferry as directed by USCG, no spill