2005 Spill Report

1/9/05 Large area of sheen reported in Spring Passage; IOSA talked with tug traveling north in area, they looked for sources onboard and ruled out an ongoing source
1/14/05 Heavyweight barge grounded off Rocky Bay, San Juan Island; no oil released
1/18/05 Alert for wildlife search & rescue from 60-gal. spill from barge at Conoco-Phillips dock
1/24/05 Net from sunken seiner near Friday Harbor floating to surface; IOSA made many calls, best option Nick Nash to retrieve net and talk with owner
1/30/05 Boat sank near Port of Friday Harbor; IOSA had already assessed earlier in week, no recoverable oil or hazmats aboard
2/15/05 Oiled bird from barge spill at Conoco-Phillips dock; IOSA transferred to PAWS for care
3/6/05 Sheen reported at Mackaye Harbor boat launch, Lopez Island; IOSA assessed, unrecoverable
3/19/05 Alert for wildlife search and rescue; barge grounded on coast near Cape Disappointment
3/20/05 21′ Bayliner at Olga, Orcas Island, upside down on beach; IOSA assessed, no fuel onboard
3/23/05 Boat sank in Mud Bay; IOSA assessed; fuel on board but no leaking – vessel eventually raised
3/29/05 Plane crash off Pt. Lawrence, Orcas Island; IOSA assessed for fuel, unrecoverable sheen
4/8/05 Diesel sheen reported at Shoal Bay, Lopez Island; source unknown, unrecoverable
4/15/05 Boat sank at Jensen’s Marina, San Juan Island; IOSA deployed sorbent sweep around vessel, cleaned up fuel from water with sorbent pads, put sorbents inside cabin through vessel roof; vessel raised same day
4/18/05 Sheen reported near Jensen’s Marina, San Juan Island; source unknown, unrecoverable
6/24/05 Unrecoverable sheen reported near Cypress Island
6/29 thru 7/505 26′ vessel sank at entrance to Port of Friday Harbor; IOSA deployed boom; retrieval of hazmats and other floating debris from vessel at low tides and inside boom over several days; divers brought up 55-gal. fuel tank and more debris; IOSA responders pumped approx. 50 gals. of gasoline from tank into barrels; IOSA handled disposal of hazardous and non-hazardous materials
7/2/05 Unrecoverable sheen reported near Spring St. Landing in Friday Harbor
7/11/05 Report of slick near Friday Harbor; IOSA checked by boat for 2 hours, found no oil
7/22/05 Derelict boat sank at east end of Shipyard Cove, San Juan Island; IOSA assessed, found no fuel or oil release, clean water
8/1/05 Boat at fuel dock in Friday Harbor pumped 20-50 gals. from bilge; owners cleaned it up
8/2/05 IOSA paged to evaluate sheen from boat in Friday Harbor; unrecoverable
8/12/05 100′ sheen at seaplane dock at Roche Harbor, San Juan Island; unrecoverable
8/24/05 Catamaran partly submerged inside Pearl Island near Roche Harbor, 30 gals. diesel onboard; vents sealed, no release during time in water until raised
9/2/05 IOSA called regarding vessel with leaking fuel tank at Roche Harbor Marina, owner plugging leak and in need of pumping fuel out; IOSA responders delivered manual fuel pump and 55-gal. drum and assisted owner to begin pumping tank
10-16/05 Sheen reported at Blind Bay, Shaw Island; unrecoverable
11/3/05 Diesel spill from barge near Warbass Way, San Juan Island; barge operator reported spill, cleaned it up; IOSA assessed and found only light sheen
12/3/05 Diesel spill in Fisherman Bay, Lopez Island; source unknown, unrecoverable
12-26 thru 12/28/05 40′ wooden cabin cruiser sank in slip at Islander Marina in Fisherman Bay on Lopez Island; IOSA deployed boom; recovered approx. 5 gals. diesel, small amount of lube oil & hydraulic fluid; owner pumped water out and raised vessel