2006 Spill Report

1/27/06 Sheen reported at Deer Harbor, Orcas Is. Unrecoverable, source unknown.
2/2/06 Report of possible leaking drums at construction site on False Bay, SJ Island; IOSA talked with SJC officials and owner of construction site. Drums will be removed right away.
2/26/06 20′ vessel sinking at private dock in Fisherman Bay, Lopez Is. Small amount of gas recovered with sorbents; 100′ of IOSA boom deployed while vessel being raised; no further release.
3/11/06 Vehicle went off road to water’s edge in Fisherman Bay, Lopez Is. Unrecoverable sheen, IOSA prepared to collect gas from tank if needed. Vehicle dragged out the no rupture of gas tank.
3/18/06 Alert for wildlife rescue from spill in Elliott Bay, Seattle. Spill contained, no wildlife affected.
3/23/06 Sheen reported near ferry landing in Friday Harbor, SJ Is. Unrecoverable, source unknown.
4/26/06 Sheen reported at Fisherman Bay, Lopez. Unrecoverable, possible source checked.
4/27/06 Another report of sheen at Fisherman Bay. Unrecoverable, source not found.
5/3/06 Call from DOE re: unknown substance on beach on Orcas Is. IOSA talked with person who called in report; substance determined to be organic material, not petroleum.
5/8/06 Call from MRC (Marine Resources Committee) re: report of someone cleaning their boat and making a mess in the water near Shipyard Cove, SJ Is. IOSA talked with Sheriff’s office, who also had report and they talked with vessel owner, who agreed to stop.
5/10/06 Report of sheen at Olga dock, Orcas Is. Unrecoverable, source unknown.
5/11/06 Page re: possible spill at Flat Point, Lopez Is. IOSA assessed, found nothing.
5/21/06 Page re: gas spill near fuel dock at Friday Harbor, SJ Is. IOSA responders, Port personnel and Island Petroleum responded, stopped release. IOSA remained onsite with containment equipment, ready to divert fuel if it began to move into more sensitive areas before evaporating.
5/25 thru 6/6/06 Call re: oil coming out of storm drain onto beach at Port of Friday Harbor. Port deployed 150′ of boom and sorbents, IOSA responders began process of collecting & recovering oil before it hit the beach and locating the source; used basin & pumps to recover oil & transport for recycle.
6/9/06 Call from resident at Cape San Juan, SJ Is., re: yellow foam on beach. IOSA assessed and determined substance to be organic, not petroleum.
7/14/06 Call from West Sound Marina, Orcas Is., to assist them in containment & cleanup of diesel leaking from a private vessel in the marina. IOSA responders deployed boom and helped in cleanup.
7/24/06 Call from NRC (National Response Co.) re: assessing/responding to spill at Warbass Marina. Unrecoverable, was mainly sheen.
8/7/06 Report of diesel sheen at Westsound Marina, Orcas Is. No recoverable fuel found.
8/8/06 Gillnetter sank approx. 1 am in waters offshore of Eagle Point, west side of San Juan Island. Winds caused debris & vessel to drift into intertidal area off Eagle Cove by afternoon. IOSA crew tracked location of vessel & debris and had standby crew with equipment onshore at Eagle Cove prepared for cleanup if vessel collided with intertidal rocks & damaged fuel tanks. Vessel was raised and towed with no fuel release.
9/14/06 Float plane upside down in the water at Westsound, Orcas Is. IOSA provided equipment for operator.
9/28/06 Page re: sheen and “brown foamy stuff” near shore at Westsound, Orcas Is. Sheen dissipated & foamy stuff gone within a few hours.
10/8/06 30′ wooden vessel sinking in Fisherman Bay, Lopez Is. IOSA set boom & sorbents around vessel and provided pump to assist owners’ pumping operation; vessel raised before dark.
10/17/06 Local resident reported strong fuel smell near Roche Harbor Marina, Orcas Is., approx. 7:15 pm. IOSA paged by Sheriff re: another resident reporting fuel vapors at Roche Harbor approx. 7:30 pm, after dark. No recoverable fuel found, pipes at fuel dock/tank farm not leaking.
11/3/06 Vessel grounded at Pt. Colville, south end of Lopez Is., in high winds. Assessment confirmed no fuel leaking.
11/3/06 Tug in Prevost Harbor, Stuart Is., sinking, with only 2″ of freeboard remaining & carrying 1200 gallons of diesel fuel. IOSA responded to request from US Coast Guard to deploy 2800′ of boom for 2 GRP strategies in Prevost Harbor. IOSA crews from Orcas, Roche Harbor & Yellow Island were underway to launch points when USCG called to notify IOSA to stand down, the sinking vessel had been stabilized and was no longer in danger of sinking. When decision was made to tow disabled vessel to Roche Harbor, the DOE (Dept of Ecology) requested that IOSA deploy boom around it as soon as it arrived at Roche Harbor. Boom remained around vessel until the following day, when it was clear that the boat would not sink again.
11/9/06 Truck rolled again Fisherman Bay Rd, Lopez Is. and landed upside down in the bay. IOSA provided sorbents & recovered approx. 3 gallons of engine oil while vehicle was pulled out.
11/16/06 Vessel that sank Oct. 8 sank again in Fisherman Bay. As requested by the DOE, IOSA set boom to contain the vessel overnight, and re-set boom the following day in a down-current chevron configuration so any oil/debris coming off the vessel would be collected while salvage crews raised it so it could by hauled out and turned over to the Derelict Vessel Program.
11/24/06 Call re: sinking vessel in Barlow Bay, south end of Lopez Is. IOSA calls determined that the owner is gone and there is no engine or other pollutants on the boat. Vessel will be pumped and raised as soon as weather permits.
12/15 thru 12/18/06 Page re: vessel tied to dock at Islander Marina in Fisherman Bay was damaged in the night by high winds, causing it to sink and spill diesel. IOSA responders deployed boom & contracted with a diver to do underwater assessment & stop the source; began clean-up and recovery of approx. 30 gallons of diesel. IOSA continued to monitor daily for fuel release until the vessel was raised in Jan 2007.
12/15/06 Page re: sailboat blown ashore on south end of Lopez Is. during severe storm. IOSA assessed: no motor, no fuel onboard, no further response necessary.
12/15/06 Page re: another storm-related incident: sailboat blown ashore near entrance to Fisherman Bay. IOSA assessed: no motor, no fuel onboard, no further response needed.
12/30/06 Page re: helicopter report of sheen with black circle around it SE of Fawn Island in Deer Harbor, Orcas. IOSA assessed; unrecoverable sheen.