2007 Spill Report

1/5/07 Page re: sunken vessel inside entrance to Fisherman Bay, Lopez Is. IOSA responders assessed by skiff; contracted with a diver to do underwater assessment & plug vents; removed 10-gallon, half-full diesel day tank and secured debris onto inflatable raft tied to vessel.
1/9/07 Page re: sunken sailboat at Neck Point off Shaw Island. IOSA contacted owner, told no motor, no fuel onboard.
1/23/07 Report of sheen at Port of Friday Harbor; unrecoverable.
1/25/07 Report of sheen from sailboat in Westcott Bay, west side of San Juan Island. Owner contacted.
1/29 thru 1/31/07 Full response: Call from SJC to alert IOSA of raising of vessel that sank in Fisherman Bay after storm in Dec 2006. IOSA responders deployed boom, monitored for fuel release, recovered some fuel, during 3-day operation to raise the vessel and tow it to Bellingham as a derelict.
3/11/07 Page re: vehicle in water at Deer Harbor, Orcas Is. Sheen only, unrecoverable.
3/18/07 Page re: truck diesel spill at Orcas Ferry Landing. Ferry staff recovered approx. 1 gallon.
3/18/07 Call re: sheen at head of West Sound; unrecoverable.
3/22/07 Full response: Page re: sunken vessel in Barlow Bay, south end of Lopez Is. IOSA responders deployed boom, contracted with diver to do underwater assessment and stop the source; began clean-up and removal of oil and other hazmats from vessel.
3/24/07 Call from West Sound to report soot slick.
4/15/07 Call from DEM re: report from SJ Customs agent who saw sunken sailboat in Westcott Bay; it was the same vessel reported on 1/25 and still no sheen or release of fuel.
4/27/07 Residents report a strong smell and sheen near SE corner of Brown Island; vessel was seen off Shipyard Cove earlier in the evening, some color from sheen was seen but vessel was now gone, there was not a continuing source and nothing recoverable at this point.
8/16/07 Page in early evening re: sheen and diesel smell at Shipyard Cove, San Juan Island. IOSA responder assessed, confirmed strong diesel smell and sheen outside breakwater at marina; unrecoverable, source unknown.
8/16/07 Page in late evening re: vessel leaking fuel at Roche Harbor Marina, San Juan Island. IOSA got report from Harbormaster that a private vessel had hit a rock outside the marina and discovered a resulting fuel leak upon arrival; leak was stopped after vessel released approx. 1 gallon of gasoline, which quickly evaporated; nothing recoverable.
8/22/07 Page re: sheen seen from the air at sound end of Shaw Island. IOSA determined a quart of oil had been accidentally knocked off a vessel in Hicks Bay; vessel owners recovered most of it with sorbent pads.
8/28/07 Page re: possible spill in Eastsound on Orcas. Residents north of Rosario reported a large rust-brown slick had passed their home; IOSA responder assessed, determined it to be algae bloom. Harbormaster at Rosario Marina reported a large amount of red tide coming into the marina all day.
8/29-31/07 Full response: IOSA paged after a seiner hit a rock and partially sank near South Beach on the west side of San Juan Island. IOSA responders deployed containment boom around the vessel, recovered fuel inside the boom, contracted with a diver to do underwater assessment and recovery, recovered 170 gallons of diesel fuel off the vessel into drums.
8/30/07 Page re: sheen at Fish Creek on south end of San Juan Island; unrecoverable, source unknown.
10/19/07 Page re: sheen at Friday Harbor ferry dock; on-site assessment was completed; no sheen remained.
10/26/07 Vessel sinking in Deer Harbor, Orcas Island; IOSA assessed, no release of fuel or other hazmats.
11/6/07 Call to IOSA office re: vessel listing in Fisherman Bay, Lopez Island; On-site assessment completed, no sign of oil; inquiries re: vessel & owner indicate no fuel is on-board.
11/27/07 Call re: boat engine ashore at Doe Bay, Orcas Island, from vessel that broke up in the wind; no gas in engine.