2008 Spill Report

13 calls/pages with 1 limited response and 6 assessments

1/17/08 Page re: sheen at Port of Friday Harbor; Port is handling response
1/25/08 Page re: sheen at dock in Eastsound; unrecoverable, dissipated
2/4/08 Assessment by land: Page re: sheen on west side of Lopez Island; assessed, no recoverable product seen
3/6/08 Assessed by land: Call from SJC Dept. of Emergency Services re: ferry report of sheen in Upright Channel; IOSA assessed from land, USCG vessel in area assessed, found nothing
3/18/08 Call from SJC re: odiferous ooze coming from bank on private land near Westcott Bay; SJC Public Works and State DOE are handling the situation for now; IOSA on standby
5/14/08 Assessed by boat: Call re: bright green streaks in the water near the entrance to Mitchell Bay; IOSA assessed on several different tides/currents; substance determined to be algae
7/4/08 Assessed by land: Resident near Jackson Beach, SJ Island, reported large black patch that looks like oil near the boat launch; 3 IOSA responders were alerted and began to mobilize equipment while 1 responder assessed; black patch determined to be algae bloom, not petroleum.
7/6/08 Deer Harbor Marina called to report 1-2 gallons of gas in the water; they are taking care of it, no IOSA response needed
8/16/08 Assessed by land & partial response: Page re: large drum leaking substance on beach on north side of Orcas Island; IOSA responder assessed, determined it to be vegetable oil & pumped it into buckets for disposal
8/20/08 Page re: restaurant in Friday Harbor that dumped approx. 30 gallons of used cooking oil on the sidewalk early in the morning – it flowed downhill into the harbor & some residual was left on the sidewalk; call to SJC DEM & follow-up; no oil left in recoverable form
12/30/08 Page re: sailboat blown ashore by high winds in Fisherman Bay, no pollutants on board
12/30 – 12/31/08 Page re: wooden cabin cruiser sinking in Fisherman Bay, sheen reported; IOSA contacted owner & provided him with sorbent sweep to set around the vessel; owner will arrange for removal of small amount of contained gas from vessel
12/31/08 Assessed by land: Page re: diesel smell and thin film on water near shoreline at Lime Kiln Park on west side of San Juan Island; IOSA assessed, confirmed small amount of diesel in cove near large floating telephone pole; nothing recoverable. IOSA notified Park personnel.