2009 Spill Report

32 calls/pages with 3 full responses and 6 assessments

1/30/09 Assessment by boat: Page re: report of sheen between Turn Island & Brown Island, near Friday Harbor: IOSA responder assessed by boat, reports small area of “cloudiness” in the water, no smell, nothing recoverable.
2/8/09 Page re: report of sheen in Rosario Strait: GPS coordinates show area between south Lopez Island and Deception Pass on Whidbey Island. IOSA contacted Friday Harbor Airport to ask for flyover reports; pilots checked large area from air, saw nothing.
2/18/09 Page re: report of pleasure craft grounded on Cooper Reef, west of Stuart Island in Haro Strait, unknown whether or not there is vessel damage. IOSA follow-up revealed that Cooper Reef is Canadian waters and incident will be handled by Canadian authorities.
2/20-22/09 Full Response: Page for IOSA to standby re: boat on fire in West Sound, Orcas Island. USCG & San Juan County Fire boat on scene to extinguish fire; vessel was originally at the dock but lines tying it to the dock burned & the vessel drifted approx. 1 mile to the south. IOSA responders were alerted & ready to respond if needed. When the vessel began to sink, IOSA was asked by the US Coast Guard & the Dept of Ecology to begin containment of the vessel. Soon after, the owner contacted IOSA & requested IOSA response, including containment and recovery & removal of any pollutants that may be released. Owner stated that before the fire, the vessel contained 250 gallons of diesel fuel.Within 10 minutes of notification, the first 2 IOSA responders were on scene and 3 more were enroute. IOSA responders set 800′ of boom around the site where the vessel sank in 60′ of water and set sorbent materials inside the boom to collect any pollutants, working from 3:30 to 9pm. The following day, IOSA responders tended & reset the boom and checked for pollutants on or near shore (shore was clean), while a dive company pumped the tanks to remove any remaining fuel – the tanks were found to be empty.Approx. 10 gallons of engine oil was recovered in the sorbents and also stuck to the sides of the containment boom. After checking again for oil inside the boom, the boom was pulled out of the water on the 3rd day; the oil was cleaned off by hand as it was loaded back into the trailer & oily sorbents were disposed of.
2/26/08 Page re: report of a vessel in Massacre Bay, West Sound, Orcas Island, with a black slick behind it; IOSA contacted West Sound Marina, whose owners checked all of the bay by boat & found nothing. An IOSA responder who lives further south in West Sound assessed by land & saw nothing.
5/16/09 Page re: white substance in Cascade Bay in East Sound, Orcas Island; no odor, no sheen; suspect algae bloom.
5/17/09 Page re: substance in East Sound, Orcas, possible sewage spill. IOSA assessed, substance found to be algae bloom.
5/17/09 Page re: white substance in water near Eastsound and on beach of Indian Island, Orcas; determined to be algae bloom.
5/23/09 Notification of small diesel spill at Port of Friday Harbor; Port personnel are handling spill and will call IOSA if needed.
6/28/09 IOSA spill supplies & Assessment: Page re: diesel spill at Seattle Yacht Club Marina on Warbass Way in Port of Friday Harbor; new boat owner spilled fuel when valves were set to transfer diesel from one tank to another. Marina personnel (an IOSA responder) & owner have sorbent boom & pads in water, need more pads. IOSA gave instructions for more pads to be picked up at IOSA office (2 minutes from marina) and called IOSA responders to assess. Approx. 1 gal. recovered.
7/5/09 Page re: small diesel spill near Roche Harbor, north end of San Juan Island. Harbormaster assessed, says it’s about 1 gal. from a boat that was anchored outside the marina & is now gone; unrecoverable sheen remains.
7/8/09 Page in early morning re: possible oil washed up on 1000′ of beach in Swift’s Bay, north end of Lopez; no odor, no sheen, substance determined to be algae bloom.
7/8/09 Assessment on land & by boat: Page in late morning: in addition to algae bloom, caller reports large patch of tarry, smelly substance several inches thick on beach in Swift’s Bay. Caller will collect sample, IOSA called points all along north end of Lopez for assessment, including Spencer Spit State Park & Lopez ferry landing. Ferries are checking along their routes, 2 IOSA responders checking north end beaches. IOSA responders determine sample collected and patch on beach to be organic, non-petroleum substance smelling of sulphur. Further assessment by IOSA responders in skiff, nothing found in Shoal or Swift’s Bay.Orange algae bloom moving into Spencer’s Landing Marina at Shoal Bay in the afternoon; several more calls & pages throughout the day.
7/8/09 Call in evening from owner of Spencer’s Landing Marina, Shoal Bay, Lopez; reports diesel in marina, unrecoverable, source unknown.
7/9/09 Page re: possible spill in East Sound; substance found to be algae bloom.
7/16/09 Page re: strange white substance, approx. 1000′, coming ashore along south end of Obstruction Island; no odor, no sheen, determined to be algae bloom. Owner collected sample for analysis.
7/20/09 Page re: small spill at West Beach Resort, northwest side of Orcas Island; 16′ alum. skiff sank while tied to dock, small outboard leaking gasoline. Resort personnel will pump water out of skiff (low tide at time of call) & remove motor; gas dissipating.
7/24/09 Page re: diesel spill at Deer Harbor Marina, Orcas Island; owner of 65′ vessel accidentally put water hose into fuel tank, got distracted and approx. 2 gals. of diesel overflowed into the water. Marina personnel (one is IOSA responder) have sorbent boom in water around spill & are recovering small amount in sorbent pads; owner is on-scene & helping with clean-up.
8/5/09 Page re: boat hitting another boat & spilling gas near dock at Islander Marina, Lopez; Sheriff deputy on-scene reports a few small drips, nothing significant or recoverable.
8/8/09 Page re: houseboat sinking outside Jensen’s Marina near Friday Harbor; assessment from Vessel Assist on-scene; reports no engines on the boat, small amount of fuel coming up from boat but it’s unrecoverable at this time. IOSA talked with owner in Pt. Angeles, who says no pollutants of any kind of the boat. USCG & DOE notified.
8/10/09 Assessment by boat: Call from local pilot reporting silvery sheen near northeast side of Shaw Island; IOSA responder assessed by boat, reports only calm, unrippled, silvery water, no petroleum.
8/28/09 Full withResponse with IOSA vessel & full crew over several days: Page in early evening re: sinking of fishing seiner Anna J at Salmon Banks off South Beach, sw side of San Juan Island. Due to strong winds, 5′ seas & darkness, IOSA was hired by USCG to go out early next morning to assess, contain & clean up if any pollutants were found. Responders were called & ready for morning, including SJ Island responders who would do shore assessment at first light. Light sheen was seen on the water and pieces of the Anna Jhad washed ashore on South Beach but there was no sign of the vessel and no recoverable fuel seen, so at noon on the 29th, the USCG sent the IOSA vessel back to port. Over the next several days, there were reports of diesel smell and some sheen in the area so IOSA went back to the scene with divers on Aug 31 but were unable to locate where the vessel had sunk.
9/2/09 Page re: sheen near ferry landing at Friday Harbor, reported by WSF; Port of FH reports unrecoverable sheen, no sheen around suspect vessel.
9/8/09 Assessment by boat: Call re: vessel sinking in Fisherman Bay; IOSA responders assessed in skiff, found vessel tied to another boat to keep it from sinking; owner had sorbent boom around vessel, containing small amount of gasoline. IOSA gave owner some sorbent pads to recover some hydraulic oil inside boom; owner has plans to raise boat at low tide & needs no further assistance from IOSA.
9/16/09 Page re: sheen at Rosario Marina, Orcas Island; IOSA called & talked with dock personnel, who report small patch of sheen, unrecoverable, unknown source.
9/22/09 Page re: sighting of mostly-sunken houseboat in Eagle Cove, west side of San Juan Island. Resident can see WN numbers – confirm it is the same houseboat that was sinking near Jensen’s Marina on 8/8 (see above). USCG & DOE will not authorize a response because there is no known threat of pollution, no engines onboard. IOSA called DNR Derelict Vessel Program, who will send someone up today to assess. Vessel Assist was called & asked to move vessel if possible but it was gone when they arrived in Eagle Cove. IOSA called DNR again and asked if Vessel Assist could have prior authorization to snag the houseboat if it is seen & reported again. This request was approved.
9/25/09 Page re: floating barrel in cove east of Granny’s Cove near South Beach. IOSA San Juan responder assessed; barrel found to be a log covered in kelp.
10/16/09 Page re: oil slick in water between the Friday Harbor ferry landing & Jensen’s Marina. IOSA San Juan Island responder who works in the area assessed, described long & narrow (3′) streak of sheen stretching in both directions. She went to Shipyard Cove, people at Jensen’s Marina checked, report “a couple of splotches” at the end of a dock where 2 fishing boats were tied up this morning. Both vessels are gone now. Ferry landing personnel & Port of FH personnel report nothing seen in their areas.
11/4 – 11/7/09 Full response: Page re: 2 boats on fire at Roche Harbor Marina, north SJ Island, firefighters on scene. Both vessels eventually sank at their slips & IOSA was asked to provide additional sorbent materials to Marina staff and DOE Spill Response personnel who were working to recover leaking fuel that first night. At dawn, IOSA was hired by Vessel Assist to provide cleanup & recovery of fuel while operations were begun to raise the burned vessels & remove them from the water. Over the next 3 days, a total of 12 IOSA responders worked to recover fuel & oil as it continually leaked from the vessels.
11/19/09 Alert from SJC DEM & DOE re: 750′ oil/ore ship that ran aground on Conconi Reef in Plumper Sound, off Mayne Island in the Gulf Islands; no leak yet but attempts to raise the vessel have failed and no idea how much fuel is onboard. Since the incident is in Canadian waters, IOSA’s response would be Search & Rescue for Oiled Wildlife, not containment. If a spill occurs, Stuart, Waldron & Orcas Islands would be first impacted so IOSA began preparations for setting up shore crews for a response. Within an hour, we were notified that the ship had been raised and is underway, with no release of fuel.
11/19/09 Assessment on land & by boat: Page re: boats blown ashore in Beaverton Cove (near UW Labs in Friday Harbor), both on the rocks, one leaking fuel. IOSA arranged assessment by boat & on shore, contacted owner of leaking vessel. Only small amount of gas is dripping from outboard; owner will try to get vessel off the beach as soon as weather allows.
11/21/09 Page re: diesel spill in Reid Harbor on Stuart Island. USCG vessel spilled 5 oz. and want IOSA to know in case we get a call.