2010 Spill Report

34 calls/pages with 4 full responses, 3 limited responses and 4 assessments

1/12/10 Assessment on land & by boat: Page re: possible spill near Beaverton Cove (Friday Harbor, San Juan Island). Pilot flying in to airport saw what looked like oil sheen. IOSA responders assessed by boat and on shore; nothing visible, no odor, but water coming from creek into Beaverton Cove is a strange color. Called UW labs – they report similar report last year, which turned out to be an unusual algae bloom.
1/19/10 Page re: vessel aground on Satellite Island in Prevost Harbor, Stuart Island. IOSA responder on-site says 30-40 gals of diesel onboard but unlikely to spill before vessel is floating again; vessel was successfully floated with no spill.
1/20/10 Page re: diesel sheen and odor near Cayou Quay Marina in Deer Harbor, Orcas Island. IOSA called Cayou Quay – no boats leaking there. Deer Harbor Marina personnel also checked for fuel from any of their boats – everything looks clean. Resident and boat owner in the area will check again in the morning & call if there is still sheen or an odor.
1/28/10 Assessment on land & by boat: Call from DOE with request to assess report of concentrated sheen near Turn Island off San Juan Island. Two IOSA responders went out on vessel from Fisherman Bay to assess, IOSA ALV network residents along east side of SJ Island will check from different shore points. IOSA called the airport for flyover reports – Kenmore Air reports splotches breaking up all along Griffin Bay shoreline up to Turn Island. IOSA responders on vessel report areas of unrecoverable brown & blue sheen, a debris line in San Juan Channel with brown sheen approx 1.5 to 2 miles long, small amount adhering to sorbent pad but not being absorbed. DOE called USCG, reports USCG determined that since it is mostly unrecoverable with no known source, they will not authorize a response at this time.
2/17/10 Page re: sheen at Shipyard Cove near Friday Harbor – assessment from dock, nothing seen, no odor.
3/2 – 3/3/10 Full Response: Page re: 50′ live-aboard vessel that sank while tied to breakwater at Port of Friday Harbor; Port personnel had deployed sorbent boom around the vessel. Owner was reached by phone on the mainland, said there is approx. 100 gals. of diesel onboard. IOSA was hired by owner to begin recovery of leaking fuel while plans were made to raise the vessel the next day. 2 IOSA responders worked recovering diesel until dark, put several hundred sorbent pads inside the sorbent boom and went back at dawn to continue. A total of 4 IOSA responders worked into the afternoon and were able to recover approx. 27 gals. of diesel and some engine oil before the vessel was raised. Sorbents in spill bags taken to interim storage site for disposal.
3/30/10 Full Response: Page re: 38′ vessel that sank overnight in slip at private marina on Warbass Way in Friday Harbor; diesel, hydraulic and transmission fluid in the water, possibly 100+ gals. of diesel onboard. Owner (on the mainland) hired A-1 Marine Vessel Assist to raise the boat, IOSA to handle cleanup, recovery and disposal. A total of 5 IOSA responders worked throughout the day, recovered approx. 35-40 gals of diesel and other pollutants. Responders were able to contain pollutants inside the slip with sorbent boom so hard boom was not needed, sorbent sweep was set along the dock at adjoining slips to prevent hazmats from moving under the dock and into the rest of the marina and/or out into the bay. A total of 35-40 gals. of diesel & other pollutants was recovered, collected in spill bags & carried to interim storage site for disposal.
5/11/10 Page re: 22′ fiberglass derelict vessel that appears to be sinking in the bay to the NW of the Port of Friday Harbor; IOSA traced owner information through SJC Sheriff, discovered that the DNR’s Derelict Vessel program checked out this boat a month before, no engine or other apparent pollutants onboard. Sheriff has ticketed owner for expired registration.
5/26/10 Call from ferry passenger (IOSA responder) reporting ribbons of apparent sheen off north end of Lopez Island & closer to Thatcher Pass; IOSA contacted ferry captains for assessment; Capt. of Elwha reports nothing seen, no odor. He will ask other ferry captains in the area to watch for any signs of oil & call IOSA if anything seen; probable algae bloom.
5/27/10 Call from Orcas ferry landing re: sheen along the beach there; IOSA responder assessed, says no smell, no apparent pollutant, described probable algae bloom.
6/7/10 IOSA alerted by Sheriff’s office of helicopter crash off Shaw Island; no spill involved.
6/12 – 8/6/10 Oiled Wildlife Search & Rescue out-of-county: Total of 6 IOSA Oiled Wildlife Search & Rescue responders deployed to the Gulf of Mexico to assist in oiled bird search & rescue during the Deepwater Horizon oil rig disaster.
7/9/10 Page re: pilot report of large (500′ x 500′) area of ìblack oilî north of Friday Harbor between SJ Island and Shaw Island. USCG requests IOSA assess. Two IOSA responders are on vessels in the area and another went out in his vessel from Crane Island. All 3 searched the area from Cattle Pass north up to Spieden and Jones Islands, saw and smelled nothing. Probable algae bloom, can look black from the air.
7/11/10 IOSA paged at 3 am re: boat fire and sinking north of Orcas near Patos Island. USCG and DOE called – vessel sank immediately in 400′ of water, 250 gallons of diesel onboard. Small sheen reported in area; USCG says regular patrol boat will assess and contact IOSA if further response needed.
7/14/10 Boom deployment: IOSA paged re: 90′ wooden vessel ìOdysseyî stuck on a rock at low tide in Echo Bay, Sucia Island. No apparent damage, no fuel leak; USCG instructed captain to have boom deployed around vessel until she floats free at high tide. One IOSA responder (who is State Parks aide at Sucia) and State Parks Supervisor deployed 300′ of boom around vessel. No fuel or oil release.
7/23/10 IOSA paged re: sheen in Spring Passage (west side of Orcas) reported by boater. Deer Harbor Marina personnel went out in vessel to assess, found nothing.
8/5/10 IOSA paged at 9 pm re: kayaker report of 30′ patch of rainbow sheen near cove in upper west part of Deer Harbor. IOSA called marinas in the area to see if they have seen or smelled anything – they report nothing. IOSA responder from Deer Harbor and kayaker who made original report will check the area at first light – nothing seen or smelled the next morning.
8/8/10 IOSA paged re: call from person reporting an inflatable boat tied to the public dock in West Sound, Orcas Island, is sinking and has a 5-gal can of gas in it. IOSA responder in area assessed, removed the gas can and pulled the half-sunk tiny boat onto the dock. West Sound Marina will notify the owner.
8/15/10 IOSA paged early evening re: sheen in Echo Bay, Sucia Island; boater who made report had checked with other boats in the area but found no source. Sheen was gone in the morning.
8/23/10 IOSA notified by Sheriff’s office at 3:45 am that a fishing seiner had sunk 2 miles south of South Beach, at Salmon Banks off San Juan Island; USCG reports it was a tribal vessel and the crew of 2 has been rescued. The 30′ seiner sank in 100′ of water with approx. 25 gallons of gas in tank. In late morning, USCG reports no sign of vessel or any sheen.
8/27/10 Page from Sheriff’s office re: report from boater in Echo Bay, Sucia Island, of a 40′ pleasure craft tied up at the dock that is leaking diesel. DOE talked with owner and the problem has been fixed – State Parks Supervisor checked area, found it to be clean now, no sheen.
8/28/10 Page re: report from kayaker of small patch of sheen near Allegria Island in West Sound, Orcas Island – unrecoverable, unknown source.
8/30/10 Page re: area of “orange substance” in Mackaye Harbor; IOSA had also seen same substance along the shoreline at Davis Bay, no odor, not a petroleum product; substance determined to be algae bloom along some beaches & harbors on south end of Lopez Island.
9/4/10 Assessment & recovery of fuel: IOSA paged re: strong smell of diesel and sheen in some slips at Islander Marina in Fisherman Bay, Lopez Island; reports that a vessel operator had pumped the bilge after leaving the marina and leaked diesel out into the entrance of the bay. IOSA responders assessed by land & by boat – nothing seen near entrance but some sheen and small amounts of diesel in slips at the marina. Responders recovered approx. 1 qt. of diesel fuel on sorbent pads, report the remaining sheen is dissipating quickly due to the wind.
9/5/10 Call re: tarball found near Eagle Cove beach on San Juan Island; beach assessed again at low tide and IOSA asked National Park people to search South Beach area; nothing found over next 2 days.
10/2/10 Page re: sheen at Eliza Island; no further reports.
10/8/10 Page re: report from pilot of slick 200 yards long near Jensen’s Marina, Friday Harbor; nothing found from assessment by land at Jensen’s & Shipyard Cove; Vessel Assist assessed by boat, found nothing.
10/13/10 Call re: 20′ boat run aground at Cape San Juan; no leak from outboard or 10-gal gas tank. Sheriff’s boat involved in finding owner and removing from beach.
10/16/10 Oil recovery: Page re: spill in Deer Harbor, Orcas; Towline Marine (they are also IOSA responders) & other IOSA responders (all on their way to an IOSA drill) went to site, assisted vessel, contained & cleaned up small spill.
10/18/10 Late night call from Customs officer at Port of Friday Harbor re: strong smell of diesel & sheen near breakwater; Towline Marine & Port of FH personnel checked it out early next morning; unrecoverable sheen, owner of “suspect boat” talked with.
11/4/10 Assessment by land: Page re: report of oil on lake on Orcas; assessed by 2 IOSA responders on Orcas, who report large algae bloom on lake, no oil.
11/18/10 Oil recovery: Report of diesel spill near Islander Marina in Fisherman Bay, Lopez Island; 2 IOSA responders from Lopez searched for origin of spill, report of boat leaving Fisherman Bay earlier; recovered small amount of oil in sorbent pads.
12/21/10 Call re: small skiff filling with water at Beach Haven Resort on Orcas Island; IOSA talked with resort personnel, who removed gas can from boat, report no spill, trying to contact owner.
12/29/10 Call from Towline Marine to alert IOSA re: 17′ vessel with outboard sank while tied to its mooring near West Beach on Orcas Island; they will assess, no fuel on board, no spill.