2011 Spill Report

36 calls/pages with 5 full responses and 15 assessments

2/4/11 Assessment on land & by boat: Page re: rainbow sheen around Cannery Landing in Friday Harbor, San Juan Island; sheen in slips at marina, around ferry dock & under shops. IOSA Coordinator talked with Towline Marine, they will assess; talked with Capt. of ferry, fuel pier at Port of FH, sheen near ferry landing but not on NW side near fuel dock or in Port marina – unrecoverable, no source found.
3/2/11 Call from DOE re: report of 40′ pleasure craft on rocks in Griffin Bay; IOSA Coordinator called Towline Marine, they are on-scene, vessel hit rocks near Shark Reef off west Lopez, drifted onto Lopez beach with potential 450 gals. diesel on board. Towline Marine has been hired by vessel owner to stand by to help vessel float at high tide. IOSA is on standby if vessel starts to leak. No fuel leakage.
3/26/11 Call from Harbormaster at Roche Harbor Marina to notify IOSA of a bilge oil spill near the dock, not recoverable.
4/12/11 Call from Harbormaster at Roche Harbor Marina re: small diesel sheen near “C” dock, no known source, unrecoverable.
4/13/11 Assessment on land: Email report of tar patty on West Beach, Lopez Island; IOSA assessed on 4/14, appears to be very old patch of tar mixed with rocks and seaweed on the beach – will report findings to USCG & DOE
4/22/11 Call from USCG re: tar patty on Lopez (see above) – DOE & USCG will come up to determine whether or not there should be an attempt to remove it or if it would be better for the shoreline environment to leave it in place.
5/8/11 Assessment on land: Page re: report from resident of Friday Harbor – big commercial barge has been moored in front of their home and they have seen sheen in the water. IOSA responder assessed, talked with barge owner, who explained that a barrel of diesel on board a smaller barge they were trying to remove from the beach had leaked a small amount during the move. Sheen is unrecoverable; landowner will talk to City officials to see if the owner of the barge could be forced to move it, even though it is in public waters.
5/28/11 Assessment on land & by boat: Page re: diesel smell & sheen off Warbass Way near Cannery Landing in Friday Harbor; IOSA responders assessed from land & by boat – found unrecoverable sheen with no source located, sheen dissipating.
6-7-11 Full Response: Calls & page re: 50′ fishing vessel run aground on Little Patos Island, the most northern of the Sucia Island group, at the intersection of Boundary Pass & the Strait of Georgia; vessel not leaking but has 4000 gals. of diesel onboard. IOSA hired by Coast Guard to deploy containment boom around the grounded vessel while Towline Marine & Global Diving will handle pumping the fuel off and waiting for high tide to float the vessel. A total of 4 IOSA responders drove IOSA vessel Sea Goose to the site, deployed 500′ of boom around the grounded vessel and spent the day adjusting boom & re-setting anchors until 1500 gals. of diesel was pumped off and the boat floated. IOSA responders worked on-scene for 16 hours.
6/24/11 Full Response: IOSA paged by DOE re: 20′ vessel that ran up on the rocks on Long Island near south end of Lopez with 60 gals. of gasoline onboard; eventually, 2 IOSA responders worked with Towline Marine to pump all the gas out of the tanks into gas cans, then Towline worked with Island Transporter to lift the grounded boat up off the rocks and take it to port.
6/30/11 IOSA alerted by Towline Marine re: 35′ vessel on the rocks near Waldron Island – no fuel leak – IOSA response not necessary.
7/4/11 IOSA alerted by Towline Marine re: 23′ vessel that hit the rocks and ended up on the beach on Jones Island with 60-70 gals. of gasoline onboard; small drip from tanks, Towline Marine plugged the vents, floated vessel at high tide. IOSA response not necessary.
7/7/11 IOSA called by Towline Marine with alert re: 3 separate incidents for which IOSA may be called: 1) 29′ sailboat on the rocks in Mackaye Harbor, south end of Lopez, no fuel involved, pulled off rocks at high tide; 2) boat on the rocks in Blind Bay, Shaw Island, got off on their own, no fuel involved; 3) private vessel sank in its slip at Roche Harbor Marina, is now up and on a trailer. IOSA response not necessary.
7/8/11 Assessment by boat, then land: IOSA paged at 2:30 am re: 22′ crabber ran aground on Low Island, NE of Shaw; crew injured & evacuated; possible 200 gals. of gasoline in outboard but no leakage
7/8/11 Assessment by boat: Page re: sheen outside entrance to Fisherman Bay, Lopez Island; IOSA responder assessed in small work skiff, found small amount of non-recoverable sheen, source unknown. IOSA responder assessed at first light, outboard high & dry, no leakage. Fuel eventually pumped out of tank by Towline Marine, all HAZMATS removed, no further IOSA response necessary.
8/3/11 Assessments by boat: Page re: report of sheen in north cove of Jones Island; IOSA responders on vessels already in the area assessed throughout the day, nothing further seen.
8/14/11 Page re: boat on the rocks in Mud Bay, SE Lopez Island; boat determined to have no fuel on board, owner will pull boat off rocks and tie it better to its mooring.
8/22/11 Assessment on land & by boat: Page re: sheen in Mitchell Bay, north San Juan Island; IOSA responder assessed, found nothing.
8/22/11 IOSA notified by Shaw Island resident that he spilled 3 gals. of gasoline near the boat ramp on Shaw; spill cleaned up.
8/24/11 Assessment by boat: IOSA paged by DOE re: 1/2 mile sheen in Speiden Channel, north of San Juan Island; diesel sheen (unrecoverable) & smell reported by Towline Marine; they checked out all boats in the area, DOE did a fly-over, sheen eventually dissipated, no source found.
8/27//11 IOSA paged at request of USCG re: 62′ vessel that ran aground in the night somewhere in Thatcher Pass, between Decatur & Blakely Islands; crew removed before vessel sank; potential 400 gals. of diesel onboard, no sign of leak yet but IOSA on stand-by. Owner says there is 50 gals. of diesel onboard but vessel is in 85′-100′ of water, too deep and too much current to safely dive on it. USCG will monitor by air.
8/31/11 Page re: report from kayaker of diesel sheen & smell around south end of Spencer Spit, assumption made that it is from the vessel that sank near there 4 days earlier, since there seems to be no other vessels around that could have created the sheen. USCG & DOE are assessing options, main consideration is still the risk involved in diving so deep in water with very strong currents. No further reports of sheen or smell.
9/2/11 Full Response: IOSA paged at request of SJC Fire re: vessel on fire in Deer Harbor, Orcas Island; owner estimates approx. 60 gals of gasoline in 2 tanks onboard; vessel burned for 2 hours, then partially sank, with no fuel loss into water. While firefighters handled the burning vessel, IOSA responders towed equipment trailer to boat ramp near the head of Deer Harbor and deployed 600′ of boom, initially to protect the marsh at the head of the bay, then to contain any debris from the burned vessel. Towline Marine towed the burned vessel to boat ramp at nearby marina and got it mostly out of the water for the night; IOSA responders deployed boom around it and set up boom lights. Plan was made to remove the burned vessel the next morning – no sheen or other pollutants seen. Ultimately, 7 IOSA responders worked through the day and at 4 pm, the vessel was completely pumped out and on the trailer. IOSA responders cleaned the residue (from the burned debris) from the 600′ of boom and loaded it all back into the trailer, done by 6pm.
9/5/11 Assessment on land: Page from USCG re: report of long sheen & smell of diesel off Eagle Cove and Kanaka Bay, west side of San Juan Island. IOSA responders tried at assess by land but heavy fog prevented any sighting on the water – slight diesel smell at Cattle Point. IOSA checked with resort owners near there – they were at the point 30 minutes earlier, did not smell anything. USCG will do fly-over as soon as fog lifts. No further reports.
10/3/11 Call from Roche Harbor Marina Harbormaster to alert IOSA that a county truck had malfunctioned on the boat ramp and went into 15′ deep water. It was completely submerged but there was no oil or sheen. Roche Harbor put 300′ of sorbent boom around the truck & it was pulled out by a tow truck within an hour. Light unrecoverable sheen, no IOSA response.
10/4/11 Call from resident of Stuart Island; a 70′ vessel was transferring diesel from one tank to another and back pressure caused it to spit out approx. 10 gals. An IOSA responder who lives on Stuart assisted and they used various materials to soak up the leaked fuel. Owner notified the DOE & the USCG of the spill and their actions to clean it up.
10/10/11 Early morning page from sheriff re: a 300′ x 75′ cargo barge run aground on Bell Rock (in Rosario Strait); employee of towing company called to see if IOSA would respond, says a wire was wrapped around the rudder and they lost steering. IOSA contacted MSRC in Anacortes and they said they would handle the response because they are much closer.Another page from sheriff dispatch re: same incident, this time the USCG ñ IOSA informed them that MSRC is responding.
11/8/11 Full Response: IOSA responder in Deer Harbor notified IOSA that a 36′ derelict vessel had sunk with an unknown amount of fuel & other hazmats onboard; IOSA responders deployed 200′ of containment boom with sorbent pads inside the boom. For the rest of that day and the next 2 days, a total of 5 IOSA responders worked various hours tending & re-setting boom & anchors, opening & closing boom for salvage operations by A-1 Marine and collecting debris & a small amount of oiled sorbents. The vessel was salvaged in pieces, then the boom was removed, cleaned & loaded back onto its trailer on the 3rd day.
11/27/11 Ferry captain paged IOSA through Sheriff dispatch to report a 70′ sunken boat in Beaverton Cove near the UW Labs; no report of sheen. IOSA talked with Assistant Harbormaster at the Port of Friday Harbor and he had quite a bit of history on this boat and its owner — long history of problems. IOSA ended up having a responder on standby in case of fuel leak while the USCG tried to deal with the owner. No IOSA involvement ultimately needed.
11/29/11 Assessment on land: Call from Towline Marine re: another boat owned by same person (see 11/27 above), this one a 21′ powerboat that was tied to a mooring and has now sunk; no sheen, no smell. USCG & SJC Sheriff are dealing with owner. A few hours later, report of oil near Shipyard Cove, south end of Friday Harbor; could be caused by boat noted above. IOSA responder assessed, took photos, reports unrecoverable mousse, no smell, in a few small pockets in the area; doesn’t seem related to earlier boat sinking; unknown source.
11/30/11 Limited response: IOSA called re: a 22′ skiff that hit a rock & made it to the FH Labs dock; dripping crankcase oil into water; IOSA responder took approx 20 sorbent pads, 2 spill bags & a roll of duct tape to the site, as requested. Driver stopped leak & cleaned up oil.
12/9/11 Assessment by boat: IOSA responder on Orcas called to report that a friend on the ferry had noticed what she thought might be oil on a boat ramp on Bell Island yesterday, said there appeared to be construction going on. IOSA called trained IOSA responder who lives on Crane Island to assess by boat; he reported nothing on the ramp, everything all clean.
12/14/11 Page from Sheriff dispatch for IOSA to call DOE re: vessels that sank on 11/27 & 11/29 in Beaverton Cove; IOSA gave DOE all the information, explained there had been no spill.
12/17/11 Limited response/multiple assessments: 2:30 am page from Sheriff dispatch at the request of SJC Fire; 30′ boat is burning, fully involved at time of call, fireboat Confidence is on scene with 2 firefighters. Boat is 26′ fiberglass, still on its mooring. Unknown amount of diesel onboard. IOSA notified the NRC as required, then called DOE & USCG. Boat finally sank; USCG asked IOSA to assess at first light. Two IOSA responders took IOSA landing craft Green Heron to site of sinking; boat sank in 40′ of water, has at least a 10-gal portable fuel tank of diesel. Responders report light sheen, unrecoverable so far, nothing new coming up from sunken boat. IOSA was paged with multiple reports of sheen & diesel smell in the area & began calling responders to be on standby in the event IOSA is asked to respond (more than just assess). USCG came up, in early afternoon, owner is on scene with USCG, says he will get his own boom around the sunken vessel, then begin salvage operations. Later in the afternoon, USCG reports owner has 100′ boom deployed and asks IOSA to monitor over the next few days for increased release of fuel and owner’s actions to stop leak and get boat out of the water. IOSA responders assessed over next few days and by Dec 20, boom was still up, boat was still in the water, sorbent pads inside boom are white (no more oil on them) & nothing coming up from sunken boat. IOSA gave report to USCG. On Dec 21, A-1 Marine called IOSA to report that owner asked them to raise the boat on Dec 26 ñ IOSA called DOE & USCG with that info.
12/27/11 Assessment by land: Page by Sheriff dispatch: report of “ribbons of brown” near the ferry landing in Friday Harbor; IOSA called Fuel Pier & Port of FH, nothing there. IOSA responder looked all around ferry landing and saw nothing.
12/27 thru 12/29/11 Full Response: Page from Sheriff dispatch in morning: contractor on job site on Shaw Island reports a large boat sinking just offshore in Blind Bay; contractor took his boat out to assess, says no sheen, no smell, nothing coming up from vessel; IOSA got name & phone number of owner, called him, he said a salvage company is on the way to boom the boat & dive on it to remove what he thinks is approx. 50 gals. of diesel fuel on board. IOSA called USCG, who called the owner and was told the same thing. IOSA decided to have a crew on standby just in case and began calling responders to be ready to take out the Sea Goose (with 1000′ of boom on board). In early afternoon, USCG called IOSA to report that a CG helicopter flew over the area and saw no sheen. Another check on the site around 4 pm showed no release of fuel but no salvage or any other response seen. Owner could no longer be reached. IOSA talked with DOE & USCG early next morning, had IOSA responder take his skiff to assess. At the same time, Sheriff dispatch paged IOSA with 2 reports of sheen near Shaw Ferry Landing and in Harney Channel (between Orcas & Shaw Islands). IOSA reported this to USCG & DOE. DOE decided to come up, IOSA responder reports sheen in area but just slow drips of diesel coming up. USCG hired IOSA to contain any pollutants being released & 3 IOSA responders took Sea Goose to the site, where they were joined by the 4th responder with his skiff; they deployed 700′ of containment boom in a diamond around where the vessel went down & eventually put in 2 bales of sorbent sweep & 1 bale (100 pads) of sorbents inside the boom, attached boom lights so boom could be seen at night, went back before dawn on the morning of Dec 29 & tended boom while a salvage company dove on the boat and pumped off the fuel. Eventually, 7 gals. of diesel was recovered in pads.