2012 Spill Report

29 calls/pages, with 3 full responses and 10 assessments.

1/22/12 Alert from IOSA responder that 24′ sailboat had blown ashore in Fisherman Bay, Lopez; anchor broke loose & it’s up against a structure; outboard was removed, no spill.
1/23/12 Full Response: Sheriff page: call from UW Labs re: boat blown ashore in Beaverton Cove; IOSA responder assessed by boat, found 30′ cement sailboat on rocks, one side underwater, diesel, engine oil & debris inside cabin & deck, deployed 100 pads inside cabin; 2 IOSA responders took response vessel Green Heron to site with more pads & manual pump. USCG arrived & hired IOSA to pump remaining fuel from tank into 42-gallon barrel & recover fuel-soaked pads in spill bags. Approx. 16 gals. diesel & mixed diesel/engine oil was recovered & taken to interim storage site for disposal. Plan was made for salvage operation the next morning.
1/24/12 Alert from USCG re: 213′ Coast Guard cutter Acushnet (de-commissioned) between Lopez & Shaw Islands with 30,000 gals. diesel onboard has lost power, is being towed around in circles off Odlin Park while awaiting a larger towing vessel. Vessel was eventually towed by a larger tug over to Anacortes.
1/25/12 Page from Sheriff: call from DOE re: report of a 5-gal. red gas can floating in Rosario Strait, seen from the ferry. Nothing seen since, no further reports, no fuel release.
2/10/12 Full Response: Call from Towline Marine requesting IOSA deploy boom ASAP around a 50′ steel vessel that began sinking in Deer Harbor, Orcas Island, during operation to pump fuel off the vessel. Towline reports they had pumped 85 gallons off when the rusty bottom broke through & the vessel began to sink. There could still be more than 100 gallons diesel on the boat. IOSA 1st Responder towed boom trailer to launch ramp & was joined by another IOSA 1st responder to deploy boom. Towline patched the hole & stopped the vessel from sinking; asked IOSA to keep boom around vessel while they continued to pump off fuel & attempt to move vessel to the nearby boat ramp for removal. IOSA deployed 200′ containment boom to contain any fuel and/or other hazmats, as well as debris from the vessel as it fell apart; By evening, 280 gallons of diesel had been removed & boom was secured in place around the vessel overnight while it remained at the boat ramp. Boom was removed the next afternoon (Feb 11) after Towline had it secured, with all fuel & hazmats removed. Towline Marine towed the vessel to Anacortes the next morning; IOSA responder handled disposal of some fuel & batteries removed from the boat.
3/12/12 Full Response: IOSA paged at 9pm by Sheriff’s office to call the USCG re: a sunken vessel on Trump Island. IOSA coordinator called USCG, who gave her the contact information for the caretaker of the vessel. He had discovered that morning that the 40′ aluminum hull vessel was sunk in the stern, bow up, and that later that afternoon the vessel rolled over on its starboard side. It was tied to the dock on the port side. He reported the vessel had approximately 200 gallons of diesel onboard at the time of sinking but says that as of nightfall, there was no fuel leaking. Caretaker said arrangements had already been made through the insurance agent for Vessel Assist/A-1 Marine to salvage the vessel as soon as weather allowed. IOSA reported back to the Coast Guard, who said that containment boom needs to be deployed around the vessel until it is out of the water. IOSA called Vessel Assist, who said they plan to raise the boat as soon as possible but they don’t have containment boom or equipment for cleanup in case of fuel release. At 10:10 pm, IOSA received a call from the Dept. of Ecology, wanting to ensure that IOSA had been contracted to get boom around the boat ASAP. The USCG, DOE and IOSA agreed that due to the fact that there was no leak so far and that it would not be safe or effective to deploy a boat and crew that night because of rough weather, IOSA would get a crew together to head out at first light the next morning. First Responders were called, plans were made for a crew of 3 to head out in the morning. March 13, 2012:7 am: Three IOSA First Responders left the Shoal Bay dock on the north end of Lopez Island on IOSA’s 45′ powered barge, the Sea Goose, which carries 1000′ of containment boom, anchors & other containment & recovery equipment at all times; arrived at Trump Island shortly before 8 am. They reported no fuel release so far and deployed 200′ of containment boom, then another 100í when they determined the wind was pushing the boom so close to the boat that it would not effectively contain any fuel released without being able to be anchored further away from the vessel. Vessel Assist informed IOSA that they would arrive with the barge and salvage gear around noon and their divers, who were coming from Orcas Island, would arrive around 11:30 am. When they arrived, the IOSA crew opened up the boom so the Vessel Assist crew could get in close enough for their salvage operations while IOSA responders tended the boom and watched for any fuel release. As is usually the case, diesel fuel began to bubble up to the surface as soon as the salvage operation began and the boat’s position was changed. With sorbent pads and sorbent sweep, IOSA responders ultimately recovered approximately 12 gallons of diesel while the boat was being raised and the water pumped out by Vessel Assist. After the boat was successfully raised, pumped out and floating, with no more fuel being released into the water, IOSA responders pulled the anchor, loaded the boom back onto the Sea Goose and drove back to Shoal Bay, where the Sea Goose is stationed. They began the cleanup of the deck and everything involved in getting IOSA’s main response vessel in the same condition it was prior to this response so that it is ready to go for the next call.
4-2-12 IOSA responder from Orcas Island called to alert IOSA that a 23′ sailboat with a small outboard & a gas can had been sitting on a beach on Orcas for 2 days & the owner had no insurance to pay for help. Owner eventually got friends to help with boat removal, no fuel release.
4-25-12 Assessment by land: Page from Sheriff 8 pm: residents living near Turn Point, Friday Harbor, San Juan Island, called to report seeing & smelling what appears to be ìheavy fuelî on the water, rainbow sheen, circles on the water, a narrow slick about 20′ out from the rocks just below their deck. It becomes milky & has a strong smell. No boats or other machinery nearby. Resident will call if it’s still there at first light. April 26, 7am: Resident called, says it looks the same, says property used to be a dump. IOSA responder went to home to assess; says no apparent source, appears to be coming from beneath the rocks. IOSA called SJ County Pollution Prevention Officer, who will go to home right away & try to determine source.
4-27-12 IOSA contacted by WA State Emergency Operations Center to report that a person at the dock up on Sucia Island had accidently dumped 1 gal. of diesel from their boat into the water. IOSA called & talked with Sucia State Park Ranger who reports it has dispersed & there is nothing recoverable.
5-16-12 IOSA paged by Sheriff 8:15 pm: USCG reports a 27′ boat hit a marker near Sucia Island; 4.5 litres of gas onboard, no leak reported. Owner is staying with boat overnight. Towline Marine is handling it, will call back. Towline reports boat now in 3′ of water, has 15 ltrs of diesel in tank, 4.5 ltrs in aft locker. Towline is meeting owner in the morning, will call IOSA if needed. No sheen or fuel release reported.
6/11/12 Assessment by land: IOSA paged re: report of oil on beach at Stuart Island; IOSA responder assessed, found nothing.
6-18-12 Assessment by land & boat: IOSA called by DOE re: report of what appears to be thick oil in rocky soil near John’s Pass up on east side Stuart Island. IOSA responder from Stuart Island assessed by boat & by land, unable to find anything at all; was most likely algae bloom.
7-2-12 IOSA called by DOE to report a small spill of diesel near Roche Harbor that occurred during an internal transfer. IOSA talked with reporting party/owner, who says it was a very small release and is now just a light sheen, unrecoverable.
7-5-12 IOSA paged by Sheriff, asked to call Fire Dept. on cell phone: Ass’t Fire Chief wants to alert IOSA that the operator of 22′ Striker accidently pumped 75 gals of gasoline into the bilge at the Port of Friday Harbor fuel dock. IOSA talked with Towline Marine; they will tow the boat to Jensen’s Marina, haul it out onto a trailer & take it to their big boat shed to pump out the gas. No fuel has been released into the water. Boat successfully towed & pumped.
7-24-12 Assessed by boat: IOSA paged by Sheriff re: report of sheen at east end of Friday Harbor, no smell. IOSA responder assessed by boat, found nothing.
7-26-12 IOSA paged by Sheriff re: accidental discharge of 3 quarts of gas at fuel dock at Roche Harbor; IOSA called fuel dock, fuel has dissipated.
8-7-12 IOSA paged by Sheriff re: yellow-green sheen in water at Roche Harbor; gone when IOSA called Roche Harbor.
8/31/12 Assessment by land: IOSA paged by sheriff re: report of sheen on the west side of San Juan Island, from the SJC Park north to the Limekiln area. IOSA responder assessed several locations, talked to Ranger at SJC Park, saw nothing. No further reports, source unknown.
9-17-12 Assessed by boat: IOSA paged by Sheriff re: a report of sheen near Crane Island seen from the ferry. IOSA responder who lives on Crane went out in his boat, says there is large area of unrecoverable diesel, source unknown. Gone by dark.
9-21-12 IOSA paged by Sheriff, asked to call owner of Bayhead Marina on Orcas Island, who reports a 25′ catamaran sunk while tied to the dock at the marina; 2 big outboards, no release. Vessel was raised by Baja Boat Works, no release of any fuel.
9-22-12 IOSA called by WA State Emergency Operations Center re: a gasoline leak in Westsound Marina, Orcas Island. IOSA called the marina, was told that as soon as gas was seen in the water, they discovered a hole in the fuel line (on land) and have turned the gas off at the main junction while the hose is being repaired. They have placed a bucket beneath the hole while it’s being repaired.
10-5-12 Assessment by boat & land: IOSA paged by Sheriff re: a grounded boat in Swift’s Bay, north end of Lopez Island. Heavy cement sailboat 30′ had been blown onto the beach during a windstorm on Oct 3. The boat has approx. 30 gals. of diesel onboard but no fuel release. The owners and a friend went out at high tide 2am and tried to dig a trench to get the boat floating; instead it rolled over on its side, pinning and injuring 2 people. IOSA responder went to site in skiff to assess; saw no sheen, no release. IOSA had several conversations with the USCG, the owner of the boat and residents in the area, who report no fuel in the water. The boat was removed on 10-6-12.
10-12-12 Assessment by land: IOSA paged by Sheriff’s office: USCG reports that one of their pilots took photos of a large area of sheen near Shipyard Cove, Friday Harbor. IOSA responder assessed same afternoon and again in the morning. Found light sheen, no smell, source unknown. It was gone in the morning.
10-28-12 Call re: an 18′ skiff with a small outboard that had rolled over at Bayhead Marina on Orcas Island. Baja Boat Works raised the boat and it was towed away by the owner; no fuel spill.
11-2-12 Call from Towline Marine re: a boat with a gas outboard that sank at its slip at the Port of Friday Harbor. Towline raised the boat, no fuel release, no sheen.
11-13-12 Assessment by land: IOSA paged by Sheriff’s office re: pilot report of sheen from Dinner Island to Turn Island in Griffin Bay, San Juan Island. Harbormaster from Port of Friday Harbor (also an IOSA responder) had already heard about it and she assessed from several areas on land; she found nothing and there were no further reports.
11-23-12 Assessment by land: IOSA called by resident of Friday Harbor, who reports a sheen & smell of fuel from her condo near the ferry landing. IOSA called the FH fuel dock and the Port of Friday Harbor, they know of nothing that would cause it. IOSA responder assessed in several places along the shoreline, from the ferry landing down to Shipyard Cove and found nothing. The reporting person called the next morning to say it was gone.
12-11-12 IOSA was notified by Jensen’s Marina that a boat in a slip had sunk the night before and was re-floated quickly, before there was any release of fuel.
12-17-12 Call from Towline Marine re: 20′ runabout blown onto a beach on the south side of Henry Island, in Mosquito Pass (west side of San Juan Island). Boat appears to have been stripped of engine, fuel filter and lines, all taken off, no fuel or other hazmats around. Towline will follow-up with owner and USCG.