2013 Spill Report

2013 Summary of Spill Pages and Responses: 27 calls/pages of which one was a full oil spill response, one was a limited response, one page was crew on-standby at the site of a fire, and 11 were on-site assessments by IOSA responders.

1/28/13 Assessment by boat: IOSA paged for a 24í vessel in Prevost Harbor, Stuart Island that burned and sank with approximately 10 gallons of gas in the tank, owner reports an oil sheen. IOSA responder assessed by boat and nothing was seen. Towline Marine handled case with the owner. IOSA followed up with Department of Ecology (DOE).
2/8/13 IOSA was called about a sheen along the southeast shore of Barlow Bay, at south Lopez Island. Talked with home owner. Sheen had already dissipated.
2/9/13 Assessment by boat: IOSA paged by Sheriff at request of Washington State Dept. of Emergency Management. They received a report that a 50íx50í sheen had been seen from the air by a Coast Guard plane near the south tip of Browneís Island. IOSA talked with a responder who was already in the area on a boat, also had one other responder go out in his boat. No source was found and sheen was nearly gone.
2/12/13 IOSA paged regarding a 55 pound barrel that had washed ashore in Deadmanís Bay, San Juan Island, with unknown contents. Called Fire Dept. and they will check it out.
3/18/13 IOSA paged and asked to call Dept. of Ecology (DOE) re: grounded vessel near Admiralty Inlet in Puget Sound. Area is not in IOSA ìterritoryî. DOE just wanted IOSA to know about it.
3/21/13 Assessment by land: IOSA paged regarding a 21í sailboat sunk at the County dock in Eastsound, Orcas Island. Reported by an anonymous caller. Sheriff deputy reports no apparent fuel release, but boat is on the bottom. Two different IOSA responders assessed, found no engine on the boat, no sign of sheen, and no hazardous materials.
4/21/13 Assessment by boat: Call from IOSA responder who reports that a vessel ran up on rocks between Crane and Bell Islands (between Orcas/Shaw Islands) at high tide.  It is still on the rocks and listing slightly. Caller assessed the spill by boat, can smell diesel, but sees nothing on the water. Towline Marine is on-scene, no IOSA response needed.
5/2/13 Assessment by land: IOSA paged for a fuel smell and sheen near Shipyard Cove Marina, San Juan Island. IOSA responder assessed as unrecoverable sheen, source unknown.
5/15/13 IOSA called about a sheen in front of the Cannery Landing condos, Friday Harbor. IOSA checked with Port of Friday Harbor fuel dock and Washington State Ferries. Nothing seen.  Caller will check again later and call if anything is there.
5/17/13 IOSA called about a small amount of diesel accidently pumped out of a bilge at Cayou Quay Marina, Orcas Island. Marina owner used sorbent pads and recovered the diesel from the water.
5/20/13 IOSA called by State Dept. of Emergency Management (DEM) regarding Washington State Ferry report of three mile sheen in Harney Channel (between Orcas & Shaw Islands). Captain of a different ferry reports it is an unrecoverable diesel sheen. IOSA followed up with report to DEM and DOE.
6/10/13 IOSA called by State Dept. of Ecology (DOE) about a report of a sunken boat near Friday Harbor. DOE was called at the end of May for a sunken sailboat that the owner comes out and paints at low tide. Sheriff has already checked on it and told the owner not to do that. DOE was following up to find out current status of the boat.
6/29/13 Assessment by boat: IOSA paged at 12:40 am about a car upside down in the water at Deer Harbor, Orcas Island. Sheriff’s deputy is on-scene, occupants taken to hospital, no fuel seen. IOSA responder went out in skiff and assessed all around the perimeter.  If there was sheen it had dissipated. Car removed without release of any hazardous materials.
7/10/13 through  7/14/13 Full Response: IOSA called by Towline Marine requesting help with an 85í luxury yacht burning at the dock at Roche Harbor Marina, San Juan Island. IOSA also paged by Sheriff at request of owner & harbormaster at Roche Harbor. Fire dept. is on-scene and fiberglass vessel is still burning. Roche Harbor Marina personnel towed IOSA trailer with 1100í of containment boom (stored at Roche Harbor) to the site and have deployed 200í of boom in order to contain burning debris & fuel. Vessel reported to have 1500 gals. of diesel in the stern tank. IOSA ultimately deployed 1900í of boom. Over a period of four days there were a total of 19 IOSA responders working on-site, deploying and adjusting boom and recovering fuel & burned debris that was contained inside the boom. IOSA respondersí worked a total of 196.75 hours. Total number of bags of oiled sorbents was 214, there were 26 bags of oiled debris, and seven bags of other items were recovered from the vessel.
7/14/13 IOSA paged about report of a 20í creosote log that washed up on North Beach, Orcas Island and is weeping creosote. IOSA contacted the San Juan County Pollution Control Officer to find out who is working on removing these items from our beaches. They referred IOSA to the Friends of the San Juans, who know of people working on this and they will follow-up for log removal.
8/3/13 Assessment by land: IOSA paged regarding a call from a resident who lives on Shoal Bay, north end of Lopez Island, and reports an orange slick all around his dock, as well as along the beach. IOSA assessed by land. It was determined it to be an algae bloom.
8/3/13 IOSA paged about call from State Dept. of Emergency of Management, who received a report of a 15í boat that sank near Blakely Island. Light gas sheen is visible. Owner stopped the leak and the gas dissipated.
8/3/13 Paged about call from a resident of San Juan Island who reports a blue sheen in the water near Pt. Caution on the east side of San Juan Channel. IOSA called Washington State Ferry (WSF) dispatch, who will ask ferry captains to notify us if they see anything. Nothing was seen over subsequent days.
8/17/13 IOSA crew on stand-by at fire site: IOSA paged in the early morning hours re: request from San Juan Fire Dept. to have an IOSA crew come to the site of a large structure fire on the shoreline in Friday Harbor. Eight IOSA responders were on-scene within half an hour of being called. They were on stand-by to deploy containment boom if necessary to keep hazardous materials and other debris out of the water. Fire was finally extinguished with no boom deployment needed.
8/20/13 IOSA paged for a call from Dept. of Ecology (DOE) who received report of a small boat leaking fuel into the water at Lieberhaven Resort on Orcas Island. IOSA made several calls and eventually contacted the boat owner, who said they will go to the marina immediately and haul the boat out of the water. IOSA reported back to DOE, who will pass the information on to the United States Guard Guard (USCG).
8/31/13 Page from Sheriff at 10 pm regarding sheen report in Fossil Bay, Sucia Island. USCG & DOE are aware of the report. State Park employees will check at first light and report if response is needed.