Thanks for Your Donations During the Fair!

During the San Juan County Fair many of you donated to help us with the matching grant from San Juan Island Community Foundation.  We came close to meeting our goal, raising $3, 125 so the San Juan Island Community Foundation (SJICF) will be matching that $3,125 with a 50% matching grant.  As well SJICF held a raffle for $1000 to be donated to the organization of the winner’s choice and one of our responders won and donated the money to IOSA.  The total earned, including some outside matching corporate grants is $6,287, which is very close to what we need to buy the new trailer.

We are now on our way to getting a much-needed new spill response trailer (similar to the one on the left in the above photo).   Thanks to everyone who donated!

This new supply trailer (10′ by 6′) will be stationed at our Roche Harbor storage site, to sit beside our trailer that holds 1,100′ of containment boom.  The new trailer will store all of the supplementary equipment we need for a spill response (such as anchors, sorbents, spill bags, boom lights and more).  This will enable us to respond quicker to oil spills in the area, as all the supplies will be right there, and do not have to be moved from some other part of the island.

Several of the equipment trailers we have stationed throughout the San Juans were donated to us (or sold for a good price) over the past 20+ years and are slowly but surely needing to be replaced.  Just last week, we had to retire the very first trailer we used to carry containment boom, acquired in 1990!

If you would like to help us raise money for the next response trailer we need or for any of our other projects, see our Support IOSA page.