2014 Spill Reports

2014 Summary of Spill Pages and Responses.

1/4/14  IOSA paged about a 25 foot runabout which sunk  while tied to the dock at Brandt’s Landing on Orcas Island. Orcas Fire Dept. was on-scene, have sorbent boom in place around the boat, and said there is no fuel leak. A person is there ready to raise the boat.  Fire Dept. alerted IOSA of the situation in case a larger response was needed, but luckily the boat was raised with no fuel spilling.
1/18/14  A strong smell of gas reported at Brandt’s Landing on Orcas Island. Orcas Deputy assessed the situation. The IOSA Coordinator called an Orcas IOSA responder who will assess the situation. Within the hour, Deputy called to say the boat had returned.  Owners explained it was dark when they left and they didn’t know there was a leak in the fuel line. The fuel leaked into bilge and was pumped into the water. The boat was taken out of the water immediately and the gas in the water dissipated quickly.
3/18/14  A laundry detergent spill reported at Rosario Resort on Orcas Island. IOSA called Harbormaster who said it was a tiny amount that caused a lot of suds and was now cleaned up.
3/28/14  A small diesel spill reported at Snug Harbor Resort on San Juan Island.  Marina personnel put sorbents in the water and the spill is almost cleaned up.  The Wash. Dept of Ecology requested IOSA send a responder to assess. IOSA responder reported some unrecoverable sheen still in the water and six gallons of diesel removed from the bilge.
5/5/14  San Juan Island resident called IOSA re: brownish-orange film along the south end of Jackson Beach with no smell.  IOSA called Port of Friday Harbor responder to assess the situation.  The, responder reported it was an algae bloom.
5/6/14  San Juan Island resident called IOSA to report what appears to be dirty white sorbents in a pile on the beach at False Bay.  Looks to have washed in with the tide. IOSA called responders in area who said there was no oil on it and they picked it up for disposal.
5/31/14  IOSA paged regarding a boat that ran ashore on the rocks near Pt. Hudson on Shaw Island. Passenger was rescued and sheen was in water. Vessel Assist/Towline Marine is on-scene and said they have placed 100’ of sorbent sweep around grounded vessel.  They report some diesel in water along with other debris.  Vessel Assist will plug the vents. IOSA responder took skiff from Fisherman Bay to assess and help out on scene.  Wash. Dept. of Fish and Wildlife is on-scene.  The vessel was eventually hauled away.
6/10/14  IOSA called by Wash. Dept of Ecology (DOE) re: a vessel that grounded and sank near Deception Island, across Rosario Strait from the San Juan Islands. The vessel has 100 gals. of diesel onboard.  IOSA does not do usually do containment response outside of San Juan County, but DOE wants us to know about it in case the strong currents carry diesel across to the San Juans.
7/2/14  IOSA called by Dept. of Ecology re: a vessel that sank near Sea Acres on Orcas Island.  The vessel was tied to dock with 40 gallons of gas on board but no leak so far. Owner contacted Towline Marine/Vessel Assist to raise vessel, which was done with no gas escaping the vessel.
7/5/14  Page received about a diesel spill at private marina on Henry Island.  The owner accidentally overflowed the fuel tank while filling.  Sheen reported throughout the marina. Two IOSA responders assessed by boat and found unrecoverable sheen.
7/8/14  A boat capsized while tied to a mooring on west side of Orcas Island, but no sheen seen. Towline Marine/Vessel Assist was called to raise boat and they report no fuel, no oil and fuel vents are plugged.  They raised the boat with no spillage of oil products.
8/1/14  USCG paged IOSA about a report of a blue 55 gallon drum floating in Cattle Pass.  The original report came from Goose Island an hour earlier.  As the tide was ebbing by the time the report came in, the blue drum would have moved out into the Strait.  No other reports received.
8/9/14  Sheriff paged IOSA to call Wash. Dept of Ecology.  DOE received a report of what looked like “puffs of white” in President’s Channel, on the west side of Orcas Island.  Towline Marine, who had been in the area the day before untangling and salvaging a fishing net (near Yellow Island), went back to see if there were floats from the fishing net in the area.  Nothing was found and the Orcas resident said she could no longer see anything unusual.
9/5/14  Customs Officer at Port of Friday Harbor reported to the Sheriff that he could smell diesel in the water at the Port.  Port of Friday Harbor Night Security assessed the situation and said a boat owner accidentally pumped diesel into his holding tank and some had leaked into the water.  An IOSA responder arrived and talked to the owner about making arrangements to have his holding tank pumped in the morning.  The smell dissipated within an hour.  IOSA and the Port followed up in the morning and the boat had was pumped out.  There was no sheen or smell around the boat.
11/11/14  Dept of Ecology paged IOSA about a 37 foot sailboat aground on Sucia Island.  The USCG was taking the lead on the spill.  IOSA talked with the owner who reported the vessel was tied to a mooring and broke loose in the wind.  There were only 8 gallons of diesel onboard.  There was no leak and no damage to the vessel.  It was refloated at high tide with no spillage of fuel.
11/29/14  The Dept of Natural Resources reported a 35 foot vessel had blown ashore on the south end of Fisherman Bay, Lopez Island.  The owner told IOSA that it blew off its mooring in high winds.  The vessel was gas-powered, flat-bottomed with about 30 to 35 gallons in the tanks.  Owner secured the boat in place with line.  IOSA responder noted that the bilges are dry, the boat secured and there were no leaks.  Owner monitored the vessel until it could be refloated at high tide and moved to the Galley dock.  There was no damage to the vessel.
11/29/14  A 24 foot sailboat blew ashore in the same storm as the previous vessel.  It ended up just a few hundred yards from the other vessel, but was securely stuck high up in the marsh at the south end of Fisherman Bay.  IOSA responder verified the sailboat had no engine and no fuel or other pollutants aboard.  Boat was removed from the beach and towed to Galley dock where it will stay until the owner can get it removed from the water.