Upcoming Trainings – 2018

Types of training

Oiled Bird Search & Rescue and Basic Care.

Free training. Preregistration required, go to bottom of page.


This class will give you the basics in oiled seabird search and rescue (including a practice session on the beach), oiled seabird initial care (using some of the 35 domesticated ducks we have on Lopez), safety training relating to oiled seabird rescue and care, and a basic introduction to IOSA and where we fit in the oil spill response community.

Containment Drill, including Practice of Geographic Response Plan Strategy

Free training. Preregistration required, go to bottom of page.

False Bay Overhead view of oil containment boom being set across the mouth of False Bay 2010

Basic instruction in setting oil containment boom, site safety training, practicing a Geographic Response Plan Strategy for a specific sensitive area.

watmough bay





COMPLETED — May 12th, Saturday, Whale Hazing Exercise.

In this exercise we will be using Oikomi pipes to keep Orca out of oiled areas. Depending on the number of boats involved in this hazing, there may be a limit on how many people can participate. If you are interested, please let me know right away.

CANCELLED — June 2nd, Saturday, Search & Rescue of Oiled Birds on Lopez

This is our training in doing search and rescue of oiled birds, some initial care, handling with live ducks, and safety. We will also spend some time on the beach practicing how to search for and capture oiled birds.

June 9th, Saturday, Geographic Response Plan (GRP) Drill at Nelson Bay, Henry Island

This containment drill and boom deployment will take place on the west side of San Juan. If the weather is bad, we will work in alternate bays in the area. The structure of the drill will include initial training/review of different techniques, assignment to boats and specific tasks, safety briefing, and use of an oil spill scenario. This geographic response plan strategy is SJI-23-HEN and you can find it at the Ecology website, click on San Juan Islands/North Puget Sound and go to page 4-39 Northwest Area Contingency Plan, Geographic Response Plan Scenarios . There will be Hazwoper safety hours for this class. If you have a boat you would like to use at this drill or at any other GRP drill, please let me know.

September 8th, Saturday, Geographic Response Plan Drill on the West side of San Juan Island

This drill will have the same structure as the Nelson Bay Drill. There are a number of GRP’s in the area that you can check out at the above link. See map on page 4-18 of the GRP’s.

September 21st, FRIDAY, Geographic Response Plan Drill at Prevost Harbor, Stuart Island, with Western Canada Marine Response Corporation (WCMRC)

This is a special drill that will be done in coordination with Western Canada Marine Response Corporation, as we may end up working with them on a spill on the west or north side of San Juan County in the future. The GRP strategy for this drill will be SJI-11-STU (see page 4-38 of the GRP’s, see above link for June 9th drill). Also note that this drill will be on a FRIDAY, not our usual Saturday.

October 13th, Saturday, Search & Rescue of Oiled Birds on Orcas.

This class will be held on Orcas Island. Look at above description of the training on June 2nd for more information.

November 3rd, Saturday, Hazwoper Safety Training on Lopez Island.

This will be a Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response Safety training. This training is necessary for anyone wishing to respond to an oil spill where you may be near oil (for both oiled birds and oil containment response). We are updating this class and it will include an oil spill scenario.

November 10th, Saturday, ­Air Monitoring / Site Safety Training

In this class you will learn about how to do air monitoring at an oil spill for substances such as Hydrogen Sulfide and Benzene. There will also be instruction in doing site safety. You will need to be able to quickly be contacted in the event of an oil spill, because air monitoring must be done before we can work on the scene.


Pre-registration required!

Everyone must preregister for these trainings/drills.  We have a limited amount of space for the oiled wildlife care training and limited space on boats at the drills.  In recent years the drills have sometimes filled up early, so let us know as soon as you can if you can come.  We always try to accommodate as many people as possible.




Oil Spill Response in San Juan County, Washington

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