Executive Director

OPENING DATE: June 1, 2020
PAY RANGE: $4,580 – 5,416 per Month
BENEFITS: Medical, Limited 401K match

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IOSA’s mission is to provide San Juan County with prompt, effective oil spill response and prevention, which includes training and coordinating of oil spill responders, maintaining spill response equipment and educating about prevention and containment of oil spills.

To Apply:

  1. Prepare a Letter of Interest that describes:
    -Your interest in the position
    -Why you would be a good fit for the job
    -Any hesitation, questions, or concerns you have about the job or your ability to fulfill the duties
  2. -Upload PDF versions of your Letter of Interest and a current CV/Resume via the online  application tool.


~ All applications will remain confidential within a small Hiring Committee. 

~ All candidates will be notified of receipt of their application and final status of their application (once determined).

~ Those candidates selected for final review will be asked to provide two professional references. Those references will only be contacted after notifying you.

Email info@iosaonline.org with questions.

Why You Might Love This Job:
This job will be challenging and engaging, working on a variety of things both routine and exciting. There will be occasional travel required, but most travel will be limited to the PNW. It will allow for a high quality of life in a beautiful location. It involves important work on a critical mission that is valued and supported by the local and larger community. You will get to work in partnership with a unique, thoughtful, and caring group of supporters. The organization is well funded and stable.  You will have  the opportunity to mold a first class organization and make impactful decisions as IOSA continues to evolve. This job requires field work and numerous opportunities to be out on the water in the beautiful San Juan Islands, and the right candidate will think that’s a pretty good thing. 

Why You Might have Pause:
Spill response is highly political and complex and requires compromise, aisle crossing, and working with a very diverse group of partners. It is not a good job for unabashed idealists. Spill response never results in 100% success- once oil hits the water, there is always a negative impact. This reality can be challenging for some. Working with volunteers can be challenging and requires patience and delicacy not required in many other professional situations. Reporting to a volunteer Board of Directors isn’t always the easiest thing to do. Being the only paid employee (though vision is to hire a second employee within 12-18 months) can be lonely and difficult at times- though don’t be fooled, this job will require a lot of communication and contact with A LOT of people. Some of the work isn’t glamorous and may involve hosing mud off of oil boom or taking required training that could feel a bit tedious at times. The work will require occasional after hours and no notice response calls. Living on San Juan Island isn’t for everyone (or their family). It often sounds good from a distance, but the ferry travel, real estate prices, and quiet scene can be a poor fit for some. 

Overall Job Description:
The Executive Director of IOSA will be responsible for the day to day operation of IOSA. As with most small organizations, there will be a broad scope of responsibilities and they will vary quite a bit from day to day. A few highlights:

-Oversee a team of volunteers at both the management and responder levels.
-Coordinate with and report to a volunteer Board of Directors.
-Direct outreach and coordination with a wide variety of partners in the spill response community.
-Overall responsibility to ensure the safe and reliable working condition of all IOSA vessels and equipment.
-Overall responsibility to ensure required training is offered, met, and documented for all IOSA responders.
-Relationship building, messaging, and outreach to a broad range of community organizations, members, and supporters.
-Oversee IOSA budgeting and finances (with help of paid bookkeeping and accounting staff), including grant solicitation and management.
-Develop and implement response procedures for emergency spill response, and lead staff and volunteers during actual responses.
-Strategic thinking around the direction and focus of the organization, with continual adjustments and improvements being recommended and implemented as needed.
-Eventual day to day management of one or potentially more full-time paid staff members. 

-Strong basic computer skills, including MS Office, Outlook, Google Office Suite
-Ability to pass a physical, operate in and around boats and docks, drive a variety of vehicles with trailers in tow, and perform some degree of physical labor and lifting.
-Must live on San Juan Island, ideally close to Friday Harbor or be willing to relocate.
-Holder of a WA State Boater’s Card, or having completed online certification upon hiring.

In addition to these mandatory qualifications, there are several critical areas of knowledge and experience that will lead to success in this position. A strong candidate will rank well in at least two of these:

A strong background working in environments that require varied and nuanced written and verbal communication. Experience working with politically sensitive subjects, leading training or seminars, doing media outreach, building relationships with a diverse group of stakeholders, leading volunteers, or working with government officials will be extremely useful. Strong confidence in public speaking is desired.


Experience working in fields with an operational focus is desired: military service, transportation industry, emergency services, health care, spill response, marine operations, etc. Knowledge of basic approaches to training, documentation, safety, and equipment maintenance is desired. The ideal candidate will have prior experience in marine operations in particular, including possible license as a vessel captain.

Knowledge of basic financial accounting practices, coordination with a Board of Directors, meeting scheduling and management, and volunteer management will all be useful skills for the right candidate.


Any prior knowledge of marine spill response will be highly valued, including knowledge of the Incident Command System (ICS), familiarity with WA Department of Ecology or US Coast Guard spill response strategy and capability, and direct knowledge of marine spill response equipment, strategies and approaches. 

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Oil Spill Response in San Juan County, Washington

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