Mechanical Maintenance Technician job description

This webpage provides the job description for the part time Mechanical Maintenance Technician for Islands Oil Spill Association, IOSA. Wages depend on experience.
Please submit a resumé to
PO Box 12, Lopez Island, WA 98261

Job title: Mechanical Maintenance Technician (MMT)

Date: December 1, 2017.


Maintains all IOSA boats and equipment trailers that are designated by the Executive Director and the IOSA Board to be used in spill response are ready and able to be used safely when called upon. Schedules and monitors repairs with appropriate marine mechanics when necessary.


  1. Current Washington State Drivers License and Boater Education Card.
  2. Familiarity with IOSA and equipment used in performance of oil spill response.
  3. Knowledge of basic boat, engine, and trailer maintenance.
  4. Be capable of operating all vessels in marinas, at docks and underway.
  5. Be capable of towing, backing, maneuvering trailers.
  6. Capable of communicating with email and cell phone.


  1. Inspect each vessel in IOSA fleet and run engine according to an assigned schedule.
  2. Maintain boats to be in legal position to operate on the water by verifying required lighting is operational, all required safety equipment is on board and functional, radios and navigational equipment is functional. Maintain carriage requirements for all IOSA vessels in accordance with federal and state codes.
  3. Facilitate regular maintenance such as oil change, air filter change, battery charge, safety equipment, grease fittings, engine cooling systems, ensure that vessels are cleaned and inspected for aquatic invasive species after each use.
  4. Make minor repairs such as bulb replacement, gauges, fuse replacements, etc.
  5. Inspect equipment trailers (not as much as boats but how often) to maintain adequate tire pressure, functional lighting, battery charge, towing safety devices, and braking systems. Visual inventory check of equipment trailers to make sure everything is there and operational i.e. not stolen, vandalized or otherwise compromised.
  6. Keeps repair and maintenance logs on all designated boats and trailers available for review by review by maintenance technician supervisor. These logs should be secured on each piece of equipment.
  7. Inspect and maintain boat lift for The Sea Goose to assure that it can be used when needed.
  8. Prepare and secure when appropriate all boats that could be negatively impacted by storm conditions or arrange to have secured by a reliable person.
  9. Help prepare vessels trails & for drills.
  10. VOC Meters: Calibrate all Volatile Organic Compound meters and replace batteries per operation manual


Requires frequent standing, walking, sitting, climbing, bending, and twisting. Must be able to frequently lift, lower, push, and pull items up to 50 lbs. Must be able to carry objects with both hands and arms. Must be able to talk and listen and understand written and oral communication and understand and follow verbal and written instructions.


  1. Tasks will average approximately 32-40 hours per month.
  2. Wage will range from $20-$23 per hour, depending on experience.
  3. Performs strenuous work out of doors for extended periods of time in all weather conditions.
  4. May be required to work some weekends and some holidays. Exposure to gasoline, diesel fuel, oils and solvents, odors, fumes, dust and various airborne debris
  5. Work may necessitate the wearing of appropriate PPE (Personal Protection Equipment).
  6. May be required to wear boots and gloves, safety glasses, face shield, hearing protection, and particle mask or respirator.
  7. Working on boats entails slippery decks, moving pitching/yawing boats, shifting loads, and tripping hazards.

Community non-profit oil spill response in the San Juan Islands of Washington State.

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