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IOSA responds to boat fire at Roche Harbor Marina

July 10 & 11, 2013

Summary of tasks completed:

  • Nineteen IOSA responders worked on site and one dispatcher completed call-outs.
  • Set oil containment boom in accordance with Washington States Geographic Response Plan Strategy (GRP).
  • IOSA oil containment boom was initially set around the burning vessel by the Roche Harbor marina staff, then IOSA responders set boom around an expanded area.  Also a  double layer of boom was placed around the vessel (to help in catching all the oil that escaped from the boat).  Nearby slips were lined by boom (again to keep the oil from escaping into the rest of the Marina).
  • On the second day the boom was reset to allow vessels coming in to Roche Harbor to use nearby slips.  IOSA responders transferred boom downwind for an additional oil collection area.
  • Responders recovered oil and oiled debris from within the boom over two days.
  • A staging area for oiled debris was set up above the dock area.
  • 214 bags of oiled sorbents, 26 bags of oiled debris and seven bags of other items were collected at the staging area and transported off site to be disposed of at a hazardous waste collection site.
  • After the clean-up in the water was completed, the 1900′ of oiled IOSA boom was cleaned.  All equipment and containment boom used was transported back to trailers and staging locations, in order to be ready for use  when needed.