Upcoming IOSA Training Opportunities

Greetings to the IOSA Community during these challenging times. We are looking forward to providing online training opportunities to our volunteers. Please monitor the calendar below for new and updated opportunities.

Note: Specific timing and location subject to change.  Details will be emailed to registered participants ahead of time.  You must enroll online to attendFor more information about HAZWOPER and other training, please visit this FAQ.


NOV 7th, SATURDAY, 8am – 4pm: 8HR HAZWOPER and Refresh / via Zoom

NOV 16th, 18th, 20th, M, W, F, 6pm – 8:30pm: 8HR HAZWOPER and Refresh / via Zoom

DEC 3rd, THURSDAY, 8am – 4pm: 8HR HAZWOPER and Refresh /via Zoom

Please note that exact timing of trainings may change depending on interest. Details will be provided to all who enroll.

This 8 hour course is intended to provide information to class participants about the hazards of working with or around hazardous chemicals, including petroleum products. The class is designed to supply the annual refresher all HAZWOPER certified regulations. It will be focused oil spill response. If you are interested and new to HAZWOPER, this is the initial 8 hour training needed for everyone to meet the “first responder operations level” and is the basic level of training to be an IOSA spill response volunteer.

Who should attend:
Current or future IOSA volunteers or staff/volunteers from key partner agencies and organizations. This class is also a good choice for first time volunteers or those just plugging back into IOSA after a break. All IOSA volunteers should be physically fit, able to work for long periods outside in inclement weather, be able to work and move in and around boats, and should enjoy working as part of of a team.

Instructor: Brian Johnson, DH Environmental

Enroll Online / FAQ on Training

Oil Spill Response in San Juan County, Washington

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