Upcoming IOSA Training Opportunities

Below is a list of upcoming IOSA training events.  Check here often for more information about classes or new offerings!

Note: Specific timing and location subject to change.  Details will be emailed to registered participants ahead of time.  You must enroll online to attend. 



August 24, 2019:  Site Safety Assessment (SSA)

The Site Safety Assessment (SSA) team is the leading group that first evaluates a report of petroleum in the water. This class will focus on:

  • Ways to approach and evaluate hazards.
  • Chain of command.
  • Necessary documentation and submission requirements.
Marine Spill Response Corporation (MSRC) is going to lead the class, and work in conjunction with IOSA, for what would be a large spill scenario. The class will then apply this knowledge and adapt it to covering spills in our local coves and marinas. A 24-hour HAZWOPER certificate will be required to be part of this team, but all people interested in the subject are encouraged to participate.

Location for the class will be San Juan Island, timing for the class will be determined by the current ferry schedule, class will be approximately 4 hours.  

September 21, 2019:  Basic Understanding of Boom Handling

This day will be a hands-on, on the water and shore exercise, with the focus on basic booming strategies (exclusion and deflection), use of radios, different shore attachment methods, ropes, anchors, buoys, trip lines, boom lights, etc…

The class location will be Jackson Beach, San Juan Island.  Timing for the class will be determined by the ferry schedule, but figure on a good 8 hour day.  People should walk away with the basic understanding of what it takes to handle boom on the water.  MSRC and IOSA will be in full collaboration for this training.

October 5, 2019:  WA State Boater Education Card Class

This 8 hour training held on Lopez Island will cover the material and testing required to obtain a WA State Boater’s Education Card.  This certification is required of anyone operating a boat of 15hp or greater.  Any IOSA volunteer working on board a vessel will be expected to have this training.  Note that the training and test may also be taken online.  This course is for those who find it easier to absorb the information and pass the test in a classroom setting.  

November 8 and 9, 2019:  8 Hour HAZWOPER Operations level and annual refresher

This course is intended to provide information to class participants about the hazards of working with or around hazardous chemicals, including petroleum products.  The class is designed to supply the annual refresher all HAZWOPER certified volunteers need to keep their current qualifications active as per Federal and State regulations.  It will be focused on oil spill response.  If you are interested and new to HAZWOPER, this is the initial 8 hour training needed for everyone to meet the “first responder operations level” and is the basic level of training to be an IOSA spill response volunteer.

Class location TBD and will last 8 hours, starting approximately at 8:30 am and lasting until 4:30 pm, depending on the ferry schedule.  Classes will be instructed by DH Environmental, Brian Johnson.

November 16, 2019:  AHA First Aid & CPR

This 8 hour training held on San Juan Island will certify IOSA volunteers in First Aid and CPR, an essential level of knowledge required for responders working in potentially hazardous, unpredictable, and challenging conditions. 

Oil Spill Response in San Juan County, Washington

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