Plans Underway for New IOSA Base of Operations: May 22, 2020

In a joint effort between the Port of Friday Harbor, the Islands’ Oil Spill Association (IOSA), and San Juan County, plans are underway for construction of an oil spill response operations base in Friday Harbor, Washington. 

The intent of the project is to provide office space, maintenance bays for upkeep of boats and trailers, storage for equipment, flexible open space for both training and a response command post, and parking and dock space for spill response trailers and vessels. 

Location of new IOSA Base of Operations, situated in Shipyard Cove Marina, Friday Harbor, San Juan Island (source Google Maps 2020)

When complete, this facility will be an essential resource to the San Juan Islands, dramatically improving response capability and providing a long needed base of operations for the Islands’ Oil Spill Association, a local non-profit community based spill response organization.

The facility will be sited on the Jensen’s & Sons Marina property now owned and operated by the Port of Friday Harbor. 

For more information visit: https://www.sanjuanco.com/DocumentCenter/View/20420/200520-Media-Release-IOSA-OPS-Base

Upcoming IOSA Training Opportunities

Below is a list of upcoming IOSA training events. If you want to participate and are not already signed up as an IOSA volunteer, click the VOLUNTEER button on the right to do so. If you ARE a registered volunteer, go HERE to enroll in any of these opportunities.

For more info about the classes or to check for new offerings or updates, go to the Training tab on the IOSA website.

Note that our goal for the upcoming year is to expand upon the trainings we offer in 2020, reaching a broader number of locations and topics.

Specifics of timing and location may change. Details will be emailed to registered participants ahead of time. You must enroll online to attend.

2019 IOSA Meeting Poster Small

Click here for more information about the IOSA Volunteer Informational meeting.

Islands’ Oil Spill Association Reboot

On February 26, 2019, approximately 30 individuals from varying backgrounds convened in an effort to revitalize IOSA’s ability to provide prompt, effective, and local oil spill response and prevention throughout San Juan County in Washington State.

Read more about that meeting and IOSA’s efforts to put in the work in order to create a sustainable organization for years to come here.

The Board of Directors will use this page to keep you updated.

Due to lack of funding, IOSA ceased response operations in November 2018. The IOSA Board of Directors is working with the San Juan County (SJC) community as well as the governmental agencies, oil industry and others to reorganize local oil spill response. On December 10, 2018, Ken Carrasco, IOSA Board member,  and Brendan Cowan, SJC Dept. of Emergency Management Director presented on IOSA’s status to the SJC Council, Bill Watson, Jaimie Stephens and Rick Hughes.

Click this LINK to watch Ken and Brendan’s presentation starting at about minute 28:11.

The Directors agreed to gather a group of volunteers from across the community who have a variety of skills and interests that will help rebuild the foundation of IOSA. This “IOSA Action Team” is being organized and led by Brendan Cowan using the Incident Command System as a model. We will conduct a structured and tightly managed process of addressing several key issues as we head into 2019. Anyone who is interested in participating in the Action Team is urged to contact Brendan at brendanc@sanjuandem.net.

Current response in San Juan County

MSRC (Marine Spill Response Corporation) and NRC (National Response Corporation) both have temporarily established “backfill” plans to ensure 24 hour standby capability to meet the 2 and 3 hour planning standards for San Juan County. with vessels, trained personnel, and air monitoring equipment in San Juan County. Long term plans are in progress.

In the coming weeks the Board will be considering ideas for IOSA’s future and your creative engagement is welcome.

In the event that funding is found to sustain IOSA, the Board of Directors hope to accomplish some broad goals

  1. Improve training.
  2. Improve equipment
  3. Improve engagement with community resources (SJC Fire and Sheriff’s Dept, SJC Dept of Emergency Management, Parks Dept, local non-profits, wildlife organizations, etc.)
  4. Create an organization that is fully compliant with the required Industry, Washington State, and Federal standards.
  5. Compensate responders for their time and equipment used in classes and drills, etc.

Learn how you can donate your time, mind or money on the DONATE page.

Do you want a locally based oil spill response capability in San Juan County? You can help make it happen. We need funding, volunteers, and your thoughtful ideas for protecting our marine environment!

One thought on “Updates”

  1. Thankyou for your update, and am sorry to hear you are no longer operational. I believe IOSA is one of the most important non profits/organizations of the 400 or so in the county.
    I am on the board of directors for KOPL(keepers of the Patos Light) After reading about the Ruby Lilly on the rocks at Patos, Along with photo, I am truly grateful, and Ive talked with our board president, Edrie Vinson, to hopefully put this topic on the agenda for our next meeting. Before our next meeting I hope to have everyone informed, and will refer all to this site.
    Thank you again…. Patos is very dear to alot of people.
    Miguel Villarreal

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Community non-profit oil spill response in the San Juan Islands of Washington State.

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