IOSA Update page

The Board of Directors will use this page to keep you updated.

Due to lack of funding, IOSA ceased operations on November 8, 2018.

The IOSA Board will be working with the San Juan County community, industry, governmental agencies and others to find a way forward. Our islands are even more vulnerable now to oil spills — do you want to help take IOSA back to operations and to a new level?  We need funding, volunteers, and your thoughts on protecting our marine environment!

Please contribute directly to support a locally based oil spill response capability in San Juan County.

Here’s the link to the DONATE page.

The Board of Directors is actively seeking people to join the Board who have a passion and vision to be part of recreating IOSA as a capable and stable organization that can be the first responders to oil spills in San Juan County.
Here’s a link to the Board application page.

MSRC and  NRC both have temporarily established “backfill” plans to ensure 24 hour standby capability to meet the 2 and 3 hour planning standards with vessels, trained personnel, and air monitoring equipment in San Juan County. Long term plans are in progress.

In the coming weeks the Board will be considering ideas for IOSA’s future and your creative engagement is welcome.

In the event that funding is found to sustain IOSA, the Board of Directors hope to accomplish some broad goals

  1. Improve training.
  2. Improve equipment
  3. Improve engagement with community resources (SJC Fire and Sheriff’s Dept, SJC Dept of Emergency Management, Parks Dept, local non-profits, wildlife organizations, etc.)
  4. Create an organization that is fully compliant with the required Industry, Washington State, and Federal standards.
  5. Compensate responders for their time and equipment used in classes and drills, etc.

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Oil Spill Response in San Juan County, Washington

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