The "Esperanza" the day after it hit the rock.  Boom was set the night before and then repositioned as a down-current collection "V" the following morning. At this point, work to remove fuel from the vessel is underway. Photo by Ross Lockwood

Community Oil Spill Response

Islands’ Oil Spill Association (IOSA) is a non-profit, community oil spill response organization that provides prompt, effective, local oil spill response and prevention throughout San Juan County in Washington state.

We have trained responders available for quick response to oil spills 24 hrs a day, 365 days of the year.

Our responders are trained in

  • oil spill assessment,
  • air monitoring,
  • site safety,
  • hazardous waste operations and emergency response (Hazwoper),
  • oil spill containment,
  • oil spill clean-up,
  • oiled bird rescue and initial care,
  • oiled bird wildlife treatment facility set-up.

Our Mission

IOSA’s mission is to provide San Juan County with prompt, effective oil spill response and prevention, which includes¬†training and coordinating of oil spill responders, maintaining spill response equipment and educating about prevention and containment of oil spills.


Community Based Oil Spill Response


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